1 Gram Moon Rocks Joint | That High Couple

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1 Gram Moon Rocks Joint | That High Couple

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I’m Gucci by ST Spittin

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23 thoughts on “1 Gram Moon Rocks Joint | That High Couple”

  1. The Kush Couch says:

    Wish it was 72 here in WA! Always love when weed tubers get together! <3 One love yo! keep up the good work guys!

  2. Sarkazz Vapes says:


  3. Bootleg Swishers says:


  4. Vohqzii says:

    I'm sorry but I am not fuckin wit these middle people

  5. JIGS-MUSIC says:

    Y'all should try to visit your fans up in Washington, itd be sweet to meet y'all and smoke with you guys

  6. cosmic greene says:

    llo yall so fried

  7. Edward Boicourt says:

    You not coughing you not getting high baby!

  8. JamKewJie says:

    Sucks that my parents drug test me EVER FUCKIN DAY

  9. S.A.v.O says:

    The shot gun sound effects should b on point …

  10. ahmed alsulaiti says:

    Miller is back boiii

  11. TGC TheGreenCamp says:

    yeah!!! 2020 hiieffect (the brand that makes the prerolls) are the best! I know for a fact they are super serious about their shit

  12. CharlyROSE says:

    ST Spittin always have me vibin at the end of the vids

  13. Sebastian Garcia says:

    loaded up need to make box logos hoodie !!!

  14. YouTube Town guard says:

    Any one else click cause they thought Clark was idubz

  15. menny hoge noorden says:

    I rolled my first blunt today it was pretty easy

  16. John Teque says:

    Hey how's it going LOADED UP…. I was thinking that you guys should make a compilation of all your funny clips. I know people would enjoy it

  17. Tyler Belcher says:

    Ur channel are what give smokers a bad name you act like ur making a show or something with ur fake coughs and bs talk step your game up, im in subscribing bc of this

  18. William Sleight says:

    That daft punk shirt that girl is wearing is sic. I need one for guy size xl bro.

  19. Shilonious Monk says:

    Kurupt rubs one out in every 33rd joint.

  20. karl forster says:

    as someone who is from the bay area but now lives near LA, i 100% agree with the ALWAYS BAY AREA claim

  21. Eli Amos says:

    I dont FuCC wit that high couple

  22. Titus Justus says:

    Dis dude caughin all over the joint tf

  23. HAZEplus says:

    Dope collab cuh

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