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The Week before Christmas Part 3

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Medical Cannabis Patient Planting Seeds

Hello my name is Trina and I am a Medical Cannabis Patient. I partake of Cannabis on a regular basis for PTSD, Arthritis in both of my knees and ankles, social anxiety and a few other conditions you can learn more through watching the previous

DJ Short’s Blueberry Classic Cannabis Strain Review

DJ Short’s Blueberry Classic Cannabis Strain Review. I am authorized by Washington State to grow, possess and consume cannabis due to my chronic Crohn’s Disease. For more strain reviews, 24/7 live chat, prize giveaways and so much more cannabis friendly content, please visit us at

Gobo root aka burdock – Easy Herbal Medicine with Susun Weed

Susun shows us burdock root which can be purchased in a store. Burdock is considered an anti-cancer herb. She chops it and prepares a vinegar. Join Susun for a weekly virtual weed walk. ‘Easy Herbal Medicine & Natural Remedies in under 30 minutes per week!’,

Live giveaway

This documentary Depicts the cultivation of legal medical Cannabis in the state of California. Caligreen channel insist that you do not attempt to recreate any of … Youtube Channel

Weed is finally legal on October 17th! | 22 Minutes

The rules aren’t the easiest to get straight… This Hour Has 22 Minutes, new on Tuesdays. Stream full episodes here: 22 Minutes on CBC: 22 Minutes on Facebook: 22 Minutes on Twitter: 22 Minutes on Instagram: Subscribe to CBC Comedy: CBC Comedy is your destination