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Cannabis News – Marijuana and Sex | Ep. 224 | 9-13-2018

Joe Klare discusses a new study on the effect of cannabis on sexual activity, a crackdown on unlicensed pot shops in Los Angeles and the rough ride Tesla stocks have been on. 09-13-18 – Ep. 224 | The Marijuana Times Follow us: Youtube Channel

Wiz Khalifa – DayToday: Happy Four Twenty

Download Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm Now Taylor Gang merch Khalifa Kush available now ►Subscribe to channel: ►Snapchat – ►Twitter – ►Facebook – ►Instagram – ►Soundcloud – ►Website: Wiz Khalifa – DayToday: Happy Four Twenty Youtube Channel

Smoking weed joints comedy show Ep41Pt1

Smoking weed pot comedy show. This part has an announcement about a police raid on a medical marijuana organization called CALM, plus the stoner movies Strange Wilderness and Without A Paddle 2. Youtube Channel

Guillermo Live at a Legal Pot Shop in West Hollywood

As of January 1st it is legal to sell and buy cannabis for recreational use here in the state of California. There is a lot of curiosity about it, so we sent Guillermo out on a mission to a store called ‘MedMen’ in West Hollywood

Devin da Dude Motha

[Devin] Boog, weed, sess, skunk, pine, k, reefer, dank Sell ya boy a plump dime Killa, herb, grass, coffee, pot We gotta get some mo’ because this O is all we got Smokin’ everyday I can’t let go Rollin’ perfect Sweets, I mean perfecto Neighbours