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Big big joint clip 5

6 good friends smoking one good joint!!!!! This joint was build out of telephone book paper. For anyone wondering,it’s got a better taste than any other paper you get and you can build any size you want. Serious smokers in South Africa use this paper

CBCNL Live: The Marijuana market in Canada

The 1-year countdown to legal weed is on in Canada. Will you be more likely to light up under the new laws? Dig Insights, a market research firm based in Toronto, has conducted a major study on marijuana usage and attitudes in Canada and the

Sexy Stoner Girl

Introducing Stoney Maddie 20yrs Old. Naughty By Nature , Love Child , So Cal girl interested in getting involved with the medical marijuana movement. Check her out on 420nurses. Just cant get enough. The 420Nurses is a Marketing Company By women , serving many industries

Cannabis Culture + Celebrities

oder: einige der bekanntesten Kiffer und/oder Cannabisliebhaber und -befürworter der Welt. Diese Liste könnte fast unendlich weitergehen, denn grüne Freidenker findet man überall. Weitere pro Hanf – Promis können gerne per Kommentar hinzugefügt werden 🙂 GLOBAL MARIJUANA MARCH / HANFTAG 2011 – Samstag, 07. Mai

Netflix Develops Their Own Strains

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