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Vlog / Smoke Session Part 7 !

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KING WEED – Smoking Meadows (Full Album 2019)

Smoking Meadows (2019) KING WEED France ==== Artwork : Lepidoptera by Grzesiek Wróblewski ==== 1. Smoking Meadows 00:00 2. Dust And Smoke 05:07 3. Crawlin’ 17:49 4. Ghost City 21:02 5. Jailbreak 42:44 *** released June 1, 2019 *** Youtube Channel


This channel is for educational purposes only, i don’t condone or promote under age smoking!!! In today’s video we will be looking 75$ gram of thca and how it melts and I’m pretty sure I didn’t mention the taste but it’s kinda like eating chocolate

Martha Stewart Cooking with Cannabis

From helping with anxiety and depression to cancer and Alzheimer’s, cannabis has been proven to have many medical benefits. But would you want to ingest it? As accredited media, in this Janette’s TV episode, Janette takes you inside #Toronto’s Elevate Technology Conference to give you