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Chill Songs | Weed Playlist (Slow Mix)

New Weed Mix Ep. ! ! RELAX YOUR MIND PART 8 ! ! Já virou rotina, em cada episódio sinto que meu objetivo se concretiza na mente daquelas que acompanham. Paz. Songs: Nokiaa, Dontcry, Deauxnuts, azac, – Wavey Rhi – Swagger ?? – Good Friends

GORILLA BREATH Weed Strain Review

I review the Indica dominant Gorilla Breath Cannabis Weed Marijuana Strain and tell you how it tastes smells and feels from #gorillabreath #gorillabreathweed #gorillabreathstrain #gorillaglue #gorillaog #weed #cannabis Youtube Channel

Weed strain review of Platinum OG

Lets check out Platinum OG from chronicpost.co. Platinum OG kush was my 1st place winner of the four strains recieved in this order. See the unboxing for a look at the full list of strains. Very pungent with the skunky Kush flavors. Strong potency 17-24%