Taking 5 cones for 5k subs, 1 for evey 1,000 subscribers !! Huge shout out to everyone that has stuck with the channel for such a long time and to those thats also continue to show support to this day. Your all Fahhhkin legends !!

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31 thoughts on “5 CONES FOR 5,000 SUBSCRIBERS !!!”


    Smoke out gang… yuR

  2. James MMA says:

    FUCKIKG BOSS!!!!!!$%#

  3. TupacWestsideOregon says:

    Congrats bro! Much love

  4. djvallux says:

    Gongratz for ur goal man! 🙂

  5. Alvy 4life says:

    Congratulations brother cheers

  6. 420 Dogs says:

    Super Cheers, and super congrats, you farking stonah!!! Bad ass mate, i hope i make it one day!!!!!

  7. Fukingblazed asShit says:

    Hell yea yae 5k brotha i remember when you had few hundred much love and respect brotha

  8. Justin H says:

    What you going to hit 20 bongs when you get to 20,000 subs? Lol

  9. Kiefer Smokerman says:

    Congratulations on 5k my man !! Now get in and out your seatbelt on, road to 1 Million begins now !! Great video buddy, hope all is well. Cheers

  10. likusone says:

    cheers u legend <3 cheers

  11. MrGziss says:

    Solid video,Yaester..! In great form here..congratulations!!

  12. James Houck says:

    It's good to see you post another video congratulations on the 5K subscribers always stay blessed brother and I keep missing your live streams it says you take the videos down

  13. STEELCITY TV says:

    Hell yeah you dam stoner happy 5k

  14. Clanden says:

    What a champion you are my friend

  15. ian lockyear says:

    what a mad cunt 🙂

  16. Alex betts 387 says:

    You fooking legand congratulations

  17. FREDDIE BEANS says:

    Congratulations bro

  18. CamWow Austin says:

    Congrats my dude, stay baked

  19. i grewsome says:

    congrats! cheers

  20. Keif_N_Cheif says:

    Congrats Brother

  21. Loony Productions says:

    awesome congrats. Igot stoned just watching. thank for anotha good one. yae yae

  22. Jusome Swoleguy says:

    5k to 10k to 20k an up. No problem ❤️

  23. Jedd Willy says:

    Bloody legend

  24. The Wright’s Way says:

    Outstanding 5k…. don’t pass out…new friend here watching keep in touch

  25. Leonard Shea says:

    Congrats on 5K! Not easy to get to 5K! You must be doing something right. I'll be watching ya. Nice to meet ya.

  26. MikenKelsAdventures says:

    Congrats on 5-K

  27. Exploring Ginger says:

    Hi one ☝️

  28. Sour Patch Kids Vlogs says:

    Just joined you let's connect and stay active

  29. Enlightened Sky Watcher says:

    Nice seen at premires!!!

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