5 Joints & 5 Dabs The Level 5 Challenge

5 Joints & 5 Dabs Level 5 Challenge

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Mind Over Matter by: Randymcphly

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5 Joints & 5 Dabs Level 5 Challenge

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26 thoughts on “5 Joints & 5 Dabs The Level 5 Challenge”

  1. Steven Barnes says:

    Can't wait see this on vr. you just be chilling smoking on vr

  2. jonathan palacios says:

    Who else clicked on the video cause they thought it was future?

  3. Jack ST says:

    Guy in the middle look like quavo

  4. JOHN WAYNE says:

    5:51 nigga came back holdin the shit like he's trying to compel you with the power of christ

  5. Axis1007 says:

    3:15 he was not even hitting the blunt, fake nighhu

  6. DogeScope HD says:

    Why the nigga in the middle look like Future xD

  7. Gansta Chiken MLG pro says:

    This nigga looks like he quavo

  8. GLISTEN says:

    Dude in the orange lowkey look like future and quavo mixed together

  9. Goobi says:

    you need to hold it in longer

  10. radmonster217 says:

    Silver haze gang

  11. JETZ says:

    Randy is the funniest stoner ever

  12. Yung Braap says:

    yall not fake

  13. Dave says:

    This shit is the funniest shit from a white guys view these guys are some characters. On a editing note lower the volume on the sound effects with the cough it's a real smart idea. U got a new a sub and many more to come I'm gunna promote the living shit outta this video here in the beautiful state of Colorado we gotta boost your subscribers.

  14. BAM is a God says:

    future in the middle

  15. Andrew Whalley says:

    Fat one getting baked

  16. DJ X51G5 says:

    does strobe have a channel

  17. DJ X51G5 says:

    4:37 sounded like someone shit they pants

  18. D1BoundJunior says:

    Lmao I could out smoke all of you no question

  19. steady gusman says:

    Is that quavo from migoss

  20. Da Ramm says:

    I wanna get high with these dudes

  21. Cpt Dank says:

    I could out smoke all these guys

  22. Kai says:

    I watch these videos when I can't smoke

  23. scope 22 says:

    have you ever coughed so hard your balls hurt

  24. Jabels G says:

    "Yeah man, you crazy man, I don;t know why you grabbed it right there man, that's crazy man, mhmm. That's crazy lip smack im dead

  25. Seth Carter says:

    Am i the only one that noticed he was in kendrick lamars alright video

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