A Bud & A Bowl Show Growing Hydroponic Indoor Marijuana DWC Male Plant What to do Flowering

Welcome to A Bud & A Bowl Show High Definition 18+ 420 Pot cast Season Two. Episode 14. Hydroponic Marijuana 101.

What to do with a Male plant! Here is the tried and true method of how to deal with a male marijuana plant when you find one growing in your garden! Most people say look for ” Pre Flowers” BULLSHIT! There is NO such thing until 12/12! During Vegetative the plant does not show sex in any way UNTIL you turn the lights to 12 hours on 12 hours off! I was growing this forbidden fruit from seed and after 3 months I found out it was a Male after switching the lights to 12/12. Sprouted 2-9-2018. Strain Forbidden Fruit. Sex , Male. Totally useless cut it down throw it in the garbage!

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4 thoughts on “A Bud & A Bowl Show Growing Hydroponic Indoor Marijuana DWC Male Plant What to do Flowering”

  1. nickadiemus says:

    Did you make some RSO with that plant?

  2. LED SMOKER says:

    Well…..damn….He is healthy though.

  3. LED SMOKER says:

    Those bulbs burn out because they put that glass over them, I always take the cover off those model 1000s bro and the fans are on the opposite side dude…… it will never cool correctly with glass on.
    Secret : I love HPS / MH, got my first led grow going now, not to impressed yet, check it out man.

  4. Harlan Walters 420 says:

    Yeah Led Smoker those Led lights are garbage they do not work worth the shit. I would use the MH for Veg and HPS for flowering.

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