Action Bronson Plays "Guess The Weed Strain" With Martellus Bennett | Mostly Football

Blindfolded Action Bronson and Martellus Bennett try to guess the weed strain on Mostly Football’s new game… “Pot Luck”.

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26 thoughts on “Action Bronson Plays "Guess The Weed Strain" With Martellus Bennett | Mostly Football”

  1. Bagelstorm says:

    What a dumb fuckin experiment, for the strains they should have used common shit people might have smoked before like og kush, sour d, skunk, northern lights. not random shit that no one has smelt or smoked before

  2. sleeps says:

    Liked for action bronson, (secretly) disliked for the amateur production and weak bud.

  3. Tuggleworm says:

    go bears baby

  4. Wonka Games says:

    This was so dumb

  5. Allan Sheppard says:

    Random ass names

  6. Internet 411 says:

    Take a Fuckin L

  7. jay louis says:

    This nigga Bronson too funny

  8. Nick Childs says:

    Bronson heard it was a spice and went full send lmao

  9. I ain't tellin U my name says:

    Hahahaha Bronson is hilarious

  10. BlkR32 says:

    when bronson said "that's not a good strawnana" i felttttttt that yo

  11. Samuel Hernandez says:

    Let them smoke it

  12. Erik says:

    Strawnanna has always been my favorite strain.

  13. Buke says:

    Just let them smoke it

  14. Shawn Shakur says:

    Fun and cool concept, but setup by a bunch of fools

  15. One Does Not Simply says:

    Intro animation way too long

  16. Sir Hxgh says:

    Bronson is actually right michael myers is a OG Kush ! 😀

  17. jose montanaro says:

    This is stupid ass show

  18. Thomas Pfliger says:

    I was about to say, if the dude wearing Carhartt doesn't know the smell of fresh cut grass…poser.

  19. tre says:

    stupidest shit i seen ever, this isnt the 1970's theres not only like 5 strains anymore

  20. Mr. INDAKUSH says:

    Lol i respect that they smoke. But they dont know shit about weed lmao

  21. Jumal says:

    Dude was right at the beginning its impossible to tell a strain with just smelling it atleast let them see that shit its not like its gonna be much easier for them after that.. There is hundreds of different strains which can look and smell the same as the other i've never even heard of these strains in the video.

  22. CM TRON says:

    “ I think it’s a biscotti cookie type of thing “

  23. Mylifeisdope says:

    Jack herer… some asshole?

  24. Mistah Gibs says:

    you can't smell whether weed is indica or sativa smh this is dumb af

  25. bigpuff714 says:

    That fat fuck dont know nothin

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