Altavie Campfire Weed Review (19+ to view)

Hello friends, and welcome to my review of the cannabis strain Altavie Campfire. Watch the whole video to see what film I choose to pair with Campfire!
The Busy Budtender is an educational channel all about the Canadian cannabis market, strain reviews, and general tips on consuming legal cannabis in Canada for those who are 19+.

Please consume responsibly; start low and go slow.
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12 thoughts on “Altavie Campfire Weed Review (19+ to view)”

  1. info warrior says:

    I have the Arizer Air 1. It's a great little unit.

  2. Jonathan Barbeau says:

    I love campfire in my dynavap. Great buzz not overwhelming at all. I vaped it before a skatepark session and it’s awesome.

  3. Arjun Gandhi says:

    Another great review. Would love to see a review on either a broken coast or a whistler cannabis co strain

  4. Tyson Greenan says:

    Watched the whole thing! Love it so much!

  5. RJay Mirosovsky says:

    Great review. You stepped up audio quality and sound is great. Keep it up!

  6. Jackie Chan says:

    Hey curious if you know about or ever ordered from MoM sites before

  7. Vince McLaughlin says:

    Just ordered some of this from OCS yesterday. Haven't smoked since high school. So, like… 2002. Haha! Wanted something to ease back in and found your great review. 🙂 It's currently out for delivery and couldn't be more excited. Subscribed!

  8. pnggnp2000 says:

    370 degree i bet it taste nothing

  9. SlumPup says:

    i dont have my airizer anymore it makes me sad whenever i see one 🙁

  10. DUBADAN says:

    lmaoo you know all the companiess ehhh ahahah like who owns who lol

  11. DUBADAN says:

    love your videos btw!!

  12. Sean Abbott says:

    I really appreciate your advice and info on all sorts of great strains as a seasoned pro smoker I can always appreciate learning more thanks

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