Are Aliens Real?!

On this Episode of Loaded Up Smoke Sessions we talk about the unknown if Aliens are Real?!

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Are Aliens Real?!

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22 thoughts on “Are Aliens Real?!”

  1. KyLesCaster says:

    look like you could throw couple beef burgers on mcfly forehead and cook them niggas. well done lmao

  2. Majcina stekar says:

    what happend to gahnetisc

  3. Majcina stekar says:

    have you aver thought that the science has improved so much that the labs of goverment were creating aliens

  4. Jayy Bitch says:

    Does stroby have a black eye?

  5. Aj A says:

    These niggas never take fat hits weak ads stoners

  6. Sandeepsid94 says:

    You guys need to gravity bong a preroll

  7. mario alvarez says:

    what if aliens brought weed from their planet when we were still at our earliest form and knew we would fall in love with it lol

  8. Jacob Mares says:

    Dude oops look like nemraps

  9. XtC says:

    Damn, this is my kind of a channel 😀

  10. Phantom X says:

    What strain of weed is that u guys are fucked not in a bad way but just u guys are high as motherfucker I need some of that shit

  11. afro killa says:

    ufo chariot fly stay high

  12. For The Love of Music says:

    i thought i saw an alien once , turns out it just a chinese man.

  13. GradyTheJedi says:

    This is what happens when you smoke weed

  14. Roberto Malvasi says:

    Randy speaking hella truth

  15. Chino XL says:

    Nobody has seen a ufo because the U stands for unidentified so how could you know its a ufo if the object is unidentified

  16. Noah Lance says:

    yall are lame as fuck.

  17. Raychel Diaz says:

    how y'all staying serious with mah man on the left killing them jokes bruh. he hella funny

  18. Sip of the sip says:

    my I be in one of your videos

  19. Ryan Lee says:

    Tell me why the man on the far left dun know what he's talking about like mans talking out of his ass

  20. Joegrizzly says:

    i need to get me some flower now

  21. shad says:

    the raygun came from a professor named porter in cod zombies

  22. Mauro Costa says:

    Heeeeeeeell yeeee they real

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