Barrett Wilbert Weed's Vocal Range (E3 – A5 – B5)

The ICONIC Barrett Wilbert Weed’ with her extended belting vocal range. Known for originating the role of Veronica Sawyer in Heathers: The Musical, along her career she has played many remarkable roles such as Maureen in Rent, understudy for many female roles in Lysistrata Jones, Nadia in Bare: The Musical, Sally Bowles in Cabaret and now Janis Sarkisian in Mean Girls

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20 thoughts on “Barrett Wilbert Weed's Vocal Range (E3 – A5 – B5)”

  1. addie n says:

    I’ve have no idea what any of these signs mean but I’m gonna keep watching

  2. All54321 Gaming says:

    Did you really have to end the video with that scene

  3. vio things says:

    i know nothing about notes but BARRETT YAS QUEEN

  4. Allison Johns says:

    I don't think her E3 sounds very comfortable

  5. Arielle Greer says:

    Her head voice makes me cry bc it’s so beautiful!!!

  6. Arielle Greer says:

    Barrett went to high school three freaking times

  7. Arielle Greer says:

    Okay, am I the only person who thinks it’s harder to belt G5’s and G#5’s than really anything else? Like I can belt B5 and A5 in songs (i.e. world burn from mean girls) and it’s not hard after I practice for a bit, but it’s impossible to really get a good good belt on a G#5! It comes out sounding so head voice, it’s almost to the point of whistle voice. Anyways, just me? Or…?

  8. Joy Cuizon says:

    Barrett is an absolute alto queen

  9. sarah says:

    i’m so gay holy shit

  10. sarah says:

    me, a lesbian: torn between wanting to be her and be under her

  11. Nearly Witches AF says:

    I generally don’t like the 5s bc they just sound like yelling :/

  12. strxwberryxboba says:

    her freaking laugh is the best laugh in the world

  13. TheFoxFan says:

    I think this is her belt range she can get higher in head voice I believe. She makes it sound so easy. I get to B4-C5-C#5 and I’m like okay I wanna die now. I pull chest ti G#5 on a good day and can get to D#6 in head. My range is A#2-C#5 in belt occasionally D5 and E5 but I try to to head from D5-D#6

  14. Lily Smith says:


  15. Emily Damico says:

    I’m still trying to figure out how she managed to pull off an A5 in her chest voice like excuse me I probably can’t go past and A or B4

  16. sara wang says:

    ok so we basically have the same vocal range…

  17. Satan Hates Her says:

    I had to play Veronica once and jesus Christ, how Barrett manages to sound so powerful throughout that whole thing just amazes me. By the end of the musical I was struggling so much. I could never.

  18. ReallyRaven says:

    Dear Diary: I realize that i literally have the same vocal range as Barret!

  19. Dark Haze Gacha says:

    She is what my choir teacher would call a versatile singer

  20. Mister Golightly says:

    Dear diary: I believe I'm a good person..

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