hey everyone yae one here for another episode
a HUGE shout out to Ganja Supplies Co for the hook up
links to the shout outs bellow

Bingus –

Surroundedby kief –

Rand Amonium –

BenniLoco –

1 stoner 2 cats –

social stoner –

another big thanks to Ganja Supplies Co for the awsome box
link to there website below –

Youtube Channel


  1. LOVER OF YHVH 420 says:

    Blazed Up & Fully Medicated!

  2. kbr56 says:

    yae one its not bad for beer lol

  3. kbr56 says:

    love the videos brother haven't been on been mad busy working cheers brother

  4. JustBlazed 707 says:

    Clean looking piece

  5. L MANDO420 says:

    Thumns Up!!

  6. BakedWookie420 Official says:

    Dope video brutha cheers!

  7. MADMANRAG3 420Farm says:

    cool video Bro that bing bong is the shizznee nice rip brother

  8. Noob Nugs says:

    great looking piece, and awesome shout outs

  9. The CBD Channel says:

    I love how you said "rubbish" we dont hear that too much in America lol its awesome, great video by the way dude, they seem like a solid company to work with I'll have to hit them up in the future!

  10. Time Keeper420 says:

    cheers..cant wait 2 see u try tht knock out with a beer on it

  11. Noah420 says:

    What is up yae great to see another video and glad you figured out stuff with the sponsor and the bong is looking sweet! The other piece has great potential can't wait to see a few things cheers mate

  12. KnoxGhost420 says:

    great vid my brother. love the bong but i want to try that gravity bong the most cheers my friend!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. foxdemonshippo420 says:

    like the chain yae

  14. Julius Fleming-Wilson says:

    Every time he says guys have a cone

  15. Keyweed 710 says:

    aye you ducking stoner!!!! love your videos man! the vibe is real. I like your personality man! check my channel. I would really like feedback from you specifically.

  16. 420 Cloud says:

    cheers bro much love

  17. koko bwhare says:

    Good shit yae! Although i must say i never was a fan of stone age bongs but that one looks like quite a hitter

  18. socialstoner says:

    Thank you for the shoutout again Yae <3 fuck youuu you fucking stoner! <3 much love Yae!

  19. Bingus says:

    Thank you sir! It's great humans like you and your wife that inspire me and the whole 420 community. Strength & Honor Mate.

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