Best 4/20 Smoking Comedy Jokes

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8 thoughts on “Best 4/20 Smoking Comedy Jokes”

  1. Abbacauh Wise says:

    Who was that first dude in the green suit

  2. Charlie Adamczak says:

    why you keep running the same people,telling the same jokes. not THAT high. 420

  3. ilike toomanythings says:

    Dude, waaaay too many repeated clips. Some of them more than once. I don't know if you made this or not, but whoever did needs to tone it down.

  4. Brojoe says:

    When you’re so high that you made a compilation of the exact same jokes 100 times

  5. Randy Mejia says:

    rosay is so high she just copied it over and over

  6. Zack Seven says:

    I have smoked weed for a long time but when I first tried edibles I got stuck, you eat them then get the munchies and because your high you eat more edibles and get the munchies again, well you get the picture.

  7. Boodrow Willsun says:

    Chris Cope looks like the ghost of Ralphie May's twin — the one he ate in the womb.

  8. Landons Grampa says:

    Funny up until the reruns. Why are there reruns? Reruns only make you look stupid.

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