10 thoughts on “BIG 0.22 BONG RIP W/ KIEF COATED BOWL!!!!”

  1. Akame Murasame says:

    dude that made u cough?

  2. ethuff15 says:

    my first time taking a hit that big, and that was without all the keef, I was coughing so bad haha. any chance you know the song name too?

  3. Kailey Pena says:

    Were did u buy your scale can u give me the website!

  4. ghost says:


  5. spaceman says:

    look em in the face say rest in peace
    blood in ya mouth as u spittin out teeth

  6. asvpadam2x says:

    damn that's a baby hit to you know

  7. nique lynae says:

    I'm loving that shirt

  8. KDVlogs says:

    first comment in 5 months!!!!!!

  9. Brendo420 says:

    yo we need your playlist!!

  10. Gustavo Rosaless says:

    You had no hair, compared to new videos

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