"Blazed" – Smoke Weed Trippy Beat | Chill Stoner Instrumental 2018

“Blazed” – Smoke Weed Trippy Beat | Chill Stoner Instrumental
*NEW 2018*
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28 thoughts on “"Blazed" – Smoke Weed Trippy Beat | Chill Stoner Instrumental 2018”

  1. Psychedelic Hip Hop says:

    Give this trippy post a like on insta please 🙂 https://www.instagram.com/p/BnWKqRqAKYP/

  2. Yeti Tears Family says:

    best beat maker on youtube hands down. you deserve way more views on all ur stuff

  3. Keith Lawrence says:

    Smoke one to the morning sun
    That's blazing
    Wake and bake it
    My caffeine on the daily

  4. White Lightning raps says:

    Smoke one for my niggas
    Count cheader roll one up wit my niggas
    Fuck bitches Living Iife wit my niggas
    Always making more digits
    Spend like 10 bands for my niggas
    Run up on you with my niggas
    Catching bodies for my niggas

  5. Aaron Cunningham says:

    Check this track out, https://youtu.be/6-whQEus7S0
    Persia on the vocals, JSD produced the beat

  6. Aaron Holmes says:

    I’m stealing this beat and not paying

  7. Sally McGregor says:

    awesome beat

  8. Cal the Goat says:

    Mind in the matrix I aint got the patience mind in the clouds so fuck all the hatred I'm too busy I'm rolling the blunt and I'm deezy float in the sky like tipsy wanna know why Im so fizzy been drinking that soda refill it with icky I'm blowing sticky

  9. gopher001 says:

    the video should be a playable level on audio surf 2

  10. gopher001 says:

    https://audiomack.com/artist/imperial-bomb please listen to my music and tell your friends

  11. Shinobi C-137 says:

    Make more beats like this

  12. Ropsu 沉 says:

    how much it costs if we make a beat together?

  13. Ami Sunny Moon says:

    God respond me interested to buy your art work

  14. Christain Giles says:

    yo, can i use this beat for free ill put you as a prod and if the song goes big ill split the money
    here is a sample of the rap i want to use it for, made by me
    I don't feel pain cuz i was born in it
    I've been in a fight since the 1st grade
    I'm fighting my own problems but they keep coming
    Feels like i'm batman and i'm fighting bane
    I flushed my life down the drain
    I don't wanna talk about don't look at my face
    I'm always walking in the rain the sky's always gray
    I can't even tell my friends i'm not ok

    I feel so far but so close
    You look like you seen a ghost
    You act like you don't know me
    When i thought you were gonna be my wifey
    But You act like you seen a ghost

  15. Humanity says:

    How much is this one

  16. Real Alex says:

    Yo this beat goes hard but you suck at bo4

  17. C-Note says:

    You gotta say sold bro lol i bought this bitch

  18. Toy Story 2020 says:

    You have a good day!

  19. Blvck Sheep J4Y says:

    Is this beat free for nonprofit?

  20. secretwings says:

    that voice sample was taken from an edm song correct

  21. Crockett Stortz says:

    Just bought this, and prepaid for studio time, on Feb 7th! Sick beat!

  22. Ryder Sanders says:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_78O29QJGs just dropped a track to the beat feedback is always welcome

  23. YA BEATZ says:

    Это очень сильно

  24. Lukas Tabz says:

    can i use this? non profit

  25. DJ CHRISTMAS says:


  26. DJ CHRISTMAS says:

    Guess what? I JUST SUBBED TO UR CHANNEL!!!

  27. Blok buster carreker says:

    This is a do what ever you want kinda beat. Like real talk shit dope!! Like I know some niggas dat know just how to handle ya… goons lined on ya front porch like a banister…..heathens ready to man handle ya. Even one that'll clean up like a janitor ya time is up nigga check ya calendar. I'm laying some gritty shit to this beat word up fuck smoking.lol

  28. Vincent Hernandez says:

    I'm King of the witness.
    It's all in the mind.
    See what I finished and see what u find im on a mission just jump in line for the right time to realign genitical spine.

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