Blueberry Weed Strain Review: Blueberry Dawg By: Green Dawg Co.

Blueberry weed! We let the nug do the talking on this one…

Blueberry Dawg is a mean hybrid that kept us up all night! Kieftown for sure, with the smell and taste, this baby was the full package, top 10 weed strain of our lives! We got this blueberry weed off a fresh harvest in California. Amazing plant, even got some great pictures of this blueberry weed.

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4 thoughts on “Blueberry Weed Strain Review: Blueberry Dawg By: Green Dawg Co.”

  1. 2inchfromtheground says:

    Tasty stuff and yeah it gives crystals like a mad man! Best weed if you are looking for something blueberry

  2. J.C. Adams says:

    Nice video review

    That blueberry weed is no joke!

  3. Joseph Castro says:

    Nice weed strain review… blueberry weed is always nice #austinconnected

  4. Austin Connected says:

    Comment below if you've smoked blueberry weed!

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