22 thoughts on “Bolt 2 has arrived ️ see more info at dabadovaporizers.com …”

  1. thehigherconcious says:


  2. thehigherconcious says:

    Might get this one

  3. __dirtyduber says:

    Did the 1 day shipping, can’t wait, too anxious!!!

  4. marijuanero415 says:


  5. chris.parm says:

    I want this I. Want want want..for health reasons……

  6. z_datsme says:

    Ohlahomies need dabado 2

  7. sweed_tooth says:

    The new bolt!☇☇☇☇☇

  8. dabado says:

    @keelan28 The Bolt Pro has a bigger heating rod but the Bolt 2 has the convenience of the screen and knowing the temp & battery life ⚡️

  9. keelan28 says:

    @dabado difference from the bolt pro?

  10. matty_v56 says:


  11. matty_v56 says:

    Money in the bank right here

  12. dabado says:

    @filmmichaelcox it all comes with the kit currently

  13. filmmichaelcox says:

    @dabado is there a way to order just the Bolt 2 with no kit?

  14. stone_tease says:

    keep up with the amazing post!

  15. dabado says:

    @filmmichaelcox double the power!!

  16. filmmichaelcox says:

    @dabado Beautiful! Hotter than the Bolt? ⚡️⚡️⚡️

  17. gabebuckwilddd says:

    ⚡️ ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

  18. daniel_yellow says:

    @dabado #bestonthemarket #finally. #notortch

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