Bringing Weed On A Hike | Herb Comedy Skits

Chad and Brad get serious when it comes to hiking and getting high. Even though they seem to have everything to make the hike as epic as can be, Brad misses the key piece to making it all worthwhile…

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14 thoughts on “Bringing Weed On A Hike | Herb Comedy Skits”

  1. B Ehs says:

    I didnt know he was a lifeguard

  2. Crystal Matthews says:

    Lmfaooooooo "A lot better if you were high" so true omgosh so true hahahahaa

  3. SpaceCowboy 420 says:

    Four things you can’t forget the grinder, the weed, the lighter, the bong

  4. Stef B says:

    Lol excellent 😉

  5. Aaron Gardner says:

    A magnifying glass. Rub sticks.together. If you really want it you'll find a way. I just bring a couple prerolled myself.

  6. devon notdevin says:

    I woulda thrown him off a cliff

  7. thatguy dill says:

    I heard “uhhhhh” and my heart dropped

  8. gamerN64 says:

    Once he started listing the items I knew he was gonna forget the lighter

  9. 巨人の肩 says:

    Take edibles next time
    (and eat the right amount).

  10. GRAV says:

    Fucking Brad!!! lmao.. Peace y'all!

  11. b.070 says:

    When he went like "uhhhh" I had a minor heart attack

  12. DKong1026 says:

    LMAO the truth

  13. Love This says:

    This has happened to me sucks

  14. indian gwal says:

    That was amazing. Some of the times it happens with us when we forgot our matchboxes and then we search for thrown matchboxes in the bushes beside the field and that way light our joints. Nostalagia

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