Buying Legal Cannabis In Jamaica & Smoking Steam Chalice At Island Strains

In this episode I visit Island Strains herb house in Montego Bay, Jamaica. I purchase some legal cannabis and then get to do something I’ve always wanted to do; smoke a steam chalice!

It was an incredible experience being able to legally purchase cannabis and then smoke and enjoy it with such an amazing view!

If you are ever in Montego Bay make sure to visit Island Strains and let them know The Cannabis Somm sent you!

Make sure to check out my channel for more cannabis reviews, pairings and recipes!

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8 thoughts on “Buying Legal Cannabis In Jamaica & Smoking Steam Chalice At Island Strains”

  1. Helkamaniac ! says:

    Beautiful place. How does the weed compare to back home?

  2. badhabit says:

    Wow look at those prices.. Expensive where Im at.

    Arent you inhaling some of that charcoal tho?

  3. Dj Logikal says:

    Yes! My boy GASTOWN D! His cake is amazing!

  4. Ezrael Marcel says:

    White dude high as shit lmaooo

  5. astronomy_unknown ? says:

    meet up with a real rasta and get some good weed for 50 cents a gram thats what they charge on the street.

  6. laredo882 says:

    did you try Épican just across the street? last year i went to both place and y really like the weed in Épican

  7. Boo Marlee says:

    I love the song playing 4:25

  8. R P says:

    Man got taxed at the end

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