Canada Beats The US To Legal Weed & Will Reap The Rewards

Canadians looking forward to lighting up legally should be able to do so before the end of September.

In an interview with The West Block, the parliamentary secretary for the minister of public safety said the government remains on track with its timeline to legalize marijuana and expects to have a framework in place to let Canadians buy it legally across the country before summer wraps up.

“We’re working closely with the Senate and we feel confident, at this time, in that timeline of end of summer that we’re going to see a regime that will control and legalize cannabis,” Mark Holland said…

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34 thoughts on “Canada Beats The US To Legal Weed & Will Reap The Rewards”

  1. Chris Herrick says:

    This could also lead to a militarized border with Canada.

  2. Bryan McManus says:

    We don’t have leaders. They think they are masters.

  3. Kelly O'Connor says:

    Clean coal will save us all!

  4. Handy Owe says:

    I am Canadian, I use marijuana. I 100% do not want legalization of weed in Canada. Decriminalization yes, but what Trudeau is implementing is insanely draconian. You can go to jail for up to 10 years for giving a 17 year old a joint. You can get the same sentence for driving high.

    It's going to cripple the current market that is budding fantastically without over regulation. I live in Vancouver and there are well over 100 small businesses that have made a legitimate way to capitalize on weed while creating thousands of jobs in Vancouver. When it gets "legalized" here, these businesses will crumble from the strict zoning laws they'll be putting in place.

    There are already bids on which companies will be aloud to partake in distribution of weed, There will only be a select amount of licenses available to certain retailers, and like every other "business" that ties itself to government in Canada, it will be treated like a social service and turned into a monopoly.

    You can talk to any of the thousands of stoners in Vancouver and they will tell you they are extremely unhappy with how this is being regulated.

    "Draconian" was the word used by the hosts of 420 last year regarding Trudeau's laws that will be instated in October.

    It's bad, I know you likely won't read this Kyle, but any of the readers that made it this far please give this a thumbs up so it might reach him.


  5. just10 says:

    Kyle learn about industrial technology before speaking on it. You are not very convincing when you start talking about power generation.

  6. Mark Edward Robinson says:

    22B and food for thought: Canada's population is only 2M more than California.

  7. Collin Jensen says:

    I wanna go to Canada even more now…

  8. shannon m says:

    YAY Canada!!!!!! WooHoo!!! Its about time!!! Glad to be Canadian!!! Also glad I invested in pot stocks!!! 🙂

  9. Huy Nguyen Ho says:

    Why us legalize weed too but not legalized fireworks on most state

  10. Jason H says:

    I have cannibis stocks that costed me 22c and will be 200 dollars now

  11. The Progress Report says:

    They won't legalize nationwide until they can figure out how to corporatize it. Once Marlboro and Pharma has it locked and they control the market….THEN WE WILL LEGALIZE. Sadly.

  12. Angus Adolphus says:

    Elected officials are put in power by their constituency and then abandon them for party (which is all about very rich lobbies). Not to mention that Democrats don't serve the interests of Republicans and vice versa. At any point, as much as 50% of the people are not represented. "This town needs an enema!"

  13. Gary Chynne says:

    i'm a canadian. i'm a drug addict. i'm a canadian drug addict. smokin dope gives ya a george carlin sense of humor. arf arf arf

  14. Martin Vanderbilt says:

    2:03. NO! That is the libertarian argument. The left-wing argument is: Minorities and poor people get unfairly targeted by the drug war blah blah blah. Also, the left can also be prohibitionists. Most tobacco prohibitionists are on the left. Sweden is mostly left-wing and have draconian drug laws. Other left-wing countries like Uruguay are more libertarian on drugs.

  15. Shawn Greenaway says:

    The tourist impact in Seattle has been huge.When you can skip Amsterdam and just go to Seattle Denver and now a host of other US cities.

  16. Lawrence Parker says:

    Trouble is Trudeau can't even organize a simple trip to India properly . This could wind up costing us money once all the polititions are paid off.

  17. Shadow Prince says:

    Yeah the Left is always pushing do what you want to do as long as you don't harm anybody else except for other illegal drugs and especially pharmaceuticals.

  18. Fire Ball says:

    Im a conservative and I support legalization. Don't stereotype.

  19. Dan Archer says:

    This is nearly a done deal, but Bill C-45, Canada's legalization bill, still faces a third reading in the Canadian Senate Chamber. The Senators (many are Conservatives) will vote again on this bill in June and will try to amend it. Conservative Senators, like the wacky and out-of-touch Denise Batters, might propose all sorts of ridiculous amendments. Next, the bill reenters Parliament again, where the Conservative Party will do their best to stall legalization, despite the obvious benefits to Canada's economy. This important bill will eventually pass, but there's still lots of legal hoops to jump through.

  20. jason w says:

    We have a little problem in the U.S. called conservatives. That's why the U.S. is so far behind other countries.

  21. KingJustice98 says:

    Kyle is forgetting the price drops which will lead to lower tax revenues. Retail shops will also now be able to declare bankruptcy. It will be interesting watching Canadians learn how supply and demand economics work.

  22. KingJustice98 says:

    Commercial farms will oversupply the market, which will cause prices to crash. It's inevitable and in a way will humble the weed dealing population.

  23. Warren Mitchum says:

    I'd love legal weed I'd be fucked up at work might lose my job but not my fault blame it on the re re re re refer.

  24. ironman 123 says:

    They will rob anyone trying to produce or smoke weed now

  25. Huey Hulk says:

    The government is a criminal organization that doesn't represent the people or citizens. The federal government will never do anything for the people without a vast return and the happiest of the citizens of this nation makes no difference to them and they see the financial rerurn from cannabis as pennies. When cannabis can be weaponized against the citizens of this great country then it will be legal as well as controlled, insanely taxed and used to keep us in line or take us outof the game.

  26. violeman says:

    One thing I wounder is, will they try and say that weed impairs you as a driver so you can not be high to drive.. lol
    If it truly does become legal.. They keep saying by this time & then it passes with no legality to the weed industries.
    It is like a marigold round game..
    In the fall of this year, they were saying it would be legalized come mid summer & now you are saying they are saying "the end of summer".

  27. nobody nobody says:

    I don't think people even understand that amount of money, unless its their .

  28. Baconthief says:

    The Canadians will have control of the future US canabis market. Their businesses will grow unhinged while the US buisnesses grow slowly since its illegal federaly and is considered a risky investnent. When the door opens in the US, they'll easily outcompete US cannabis because of their head start. Moral of the story, invest in Canadian cannabis equities

  29. Leo Alexander says:

    And us Canadians have a tenth of the US's population. Imagine what those numbers would translate to if the American Feds legalized it across the board.

  30. Joe Smartballs says:

    Plants are outlawed to make us pay to access god given plants. Poppy plant used to make heroine is used to make oxycotin, and hydrocodine. So they make the plant illegal so your only access is threw big pharma. Marinol has THC and is prescribed in 50 states like Texas. So you got to pay big pharma to get medication from plants. I think all plants should be legal, but manufacturing drugs for sale should be regulated. So make it illegal to sell drugs derived from plants without a license, but don't outlaw plants like peyote which can be bought in a pill called Mescaline. See the plants are illegal not the dam drugs.

  31. Rob Ski says:

    Legal weed is going to be on the ballot in Michigan this year. I'm about 70% sure it will pass. We definitely need the tax money it will bring in.

  32. shadfurman says:

    It would be more amazing if we didn't have politicians you have to beg to let you regulate your own body.

    Funny how that works.

  33. Joshua McLean says:

    As a Canadian, I can say legal Marijuana will not/has not decreased government but actually the opposite. Now we need more government programs are required to enforce the laws around a now legal marijuana, provinces like Ontario are controlling the sale of marijuana through government (like the LCBO for Liquor), it is being heavily taxed, and regulated. I'm just saying it hasn't made smaller government but made government more involved in it. I don't think you looked at the policy one bit because your just making your regular talking points that actually may not apply. Did anyone look at the policy? Like how it will allow people to share with their peers as young as 12 who are within a few years apart? I thought Mr. Trudeau said the point was to keep it out of the hands of young people… just a thought

  34. Gin Bulag says:

    You can't drink and drive but you can smoke weed and drive to the cloud 9?

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