Cannabis Olive Oils, Ceviche, and Prime Rib: BONG APPÉTIT with Om Edibles

Abdullah is back! In this episode, he travels to the hippie mecca of Northern California to check out the OM Collective—an all-women grow and the makers of OM Edibles cannabis-infused topicals, tinctures, and edibles. Owner Maya Elisabeth shows Abdullah how to make a few varieties of cannabis olive oils infused with garlic and ginger to use in an upcoming feast with their friends from The Cookie Fam. In a beautiful setting overlooking the San Francisco Bay, Chef Tim Milojevich prepares a mouth-watering meal of Peruvian ceviche, hearts-of-palm salad, sea bass baked in banana leaves, and prime rib with chimichurri sauce, all prepared with Maya’s infused olive oils. Don’t judge Abdullah … We bet you wouldn’t be able to keep your clothes on after this meal, either.

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41 thoughts on “Cannabis Olive Oils, Ceviche, and Prime Rib: BONG APPÉTIT with Om Edibles”

  1. HidingZebraTube says:

    Whats with the 'all ladies' thing?
    Like some sexist vibes here

  2. Alex Bjorn says:

    Not a big fan of East Indians… least of which, drug addicts

  3. tony robinson says:

    She have a puffa tho..lmao

  4. tony robinson says:

    He high as fk..

  5. tony robinson says:

    Hell nah hell how high u want to the food to.

  6. Warlord Ganon says:

    I just don’t get how people drive a car. I mean, they Seem to be high all the time. Regarding the amount of weed they smoke and that they probably do it everyday they actually couldnt operate a vehicle anymore, at least legally. If you smoke weed everyday from 1g to up to, lets say 5g a day it‘s pretty much never going to Happen that you become „sober“ again. I know, half an hour after you smoked the high subsides but still you could be busted for DUI even tho you dont feel high anymore. I did smoke for 5 years, then one day After work not having smoked for 20 hours the cops pulled me over and busted me over „red eyes“ (it happened in april and I‘m highly alergic to Grasspollen). I had to do a bloodtest which showed that i had a concentration of 2,1 ng/l THC and 86 ng/l COOH in my blood. The limit here in germany is 1,0 ng/l THC for a misdemeanor and the Fine for that offense is 700€, which I had to pay. Then i had to take a test which did cost me another 700€, i was a slave to the officials for over a year and i had to Pay another 2500€ for a therapist who prepared me for the Test. He pretty much told me what the officials wanted to hear and what I should tell them. That I‘m addicted, that i will never smoke again, that I had come up with strategies to prevent me from driving under the influence again bla bla bla bla bullshit. The way people regarded me was like they would a criminal, a murderer or a rapist. I just liked to smoke some pot in the evening before I went to bed and on the weekends, man. The result: I had to pay ~4000€ for nothing. I didnt endanger anyone, I didnt speed, I didnt hit anyone. I got sentenced for something that maybe eventually could have possibly happened just to spread fear and terror. Now I haven’t smoked for 2 1/2 years and i‘ve been wishing for a way back ever since.

  7. Ezekeil The Prophe7 says:

    OMG, I could murder her for saying "dadada times sour diesel"

    Its crossed with, fuck.

  8. Jossimar Solorzano says:

    Maya is thick and sexy.

  9. Larry Arnold says:

    I love this women frfr marry me

  10. Anacaona Records says:

    black people goes to prison and white people are making money of cannabis…

  11. Taylor Herbst says:

    Fuckin stoners

  12. Roberto Morales says:

    Y they got people who know nothing about weed doing this type of stuff

  13. Tito Brozzi says:

    The new era of rich stone heads

  14. Rick Adis says:

    I'd tap it!

  15. Blue DOODLE says:

    the tall guy with the hair sounds li frankieonpcin1080p hek

  16. DatKinee says:

    seen that first chic thoooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. WavyNavy says:

    That Nigga is living his best life lol

  18. Alen P says:

    Dude aren’t you supposed to die before you go to heaven??

  19. Julius Caesar says:

    5:36 I definitely want my oil to cover her material god daaaaaamn

  20. Dietrich Eckart says:

    "Thick Mama'……….funny, she reminds me with her chubby self and her pretentious attitude, of hundreds of Bar Whores and Lot Lizards I have seen over the years. As an ex-bouncer, I have thrown lots of that type out of the bars and clubs I've worked ….mostly because the 'men' they show up with can't control them in public. So, all of you on here who think she's a hot item….LOL. Women like her are looking for chumps like you. Good luck with that………….

  21. 1 9 9 0不同 says:

    that dude is trying hard to act HIGH :V noob

  22. Rachel C. says:

    Was she using a duck press?

  23. CJ Morales says:

    2:06 About 5 women? She was definitely soiled

  24. DVRK LO says:

    man she so fine I was like DAM !!!!!!!!!

  25. ekilla1337 ekilla1337 says:

    shes finessssssssssss bring that ova hereeeee

  26. MrKalashnik0va says:

    When weed culture goes too far.

  27. GPT 56 says:

    She said bind and make love for about an hour…. Hahahahahaha

  28. Zachary Barker says:

    this camera work is killing my eyes…

  29. mfundo xhakaza says:

    I thought I was the only one checking out that Ass!!

  30. Jaime Merino says:

    Best part of the video 0:56 😀

  31. John Goodson says:

    Even had the rose pedals LMAO

  32. Lilliam Pumpernickle says:

    an all male grow would be labeled sexist but all female gets an episode of munchies. either way this chick can sit on my face anyday

  33. Louie Jh says:

    i need this job lol

  34. raf Nun says:

    We’re can i get a recipe

  35. SandStorm XII says:

    I’m hangry

  36. Joey Corrow says:

    What a day lol

  37. Robert Curtin says:

    Those aren't sea bass.
    Hybrid striped bass farmed in freshwater ponds and fed pellets.

  38. eekns says:

    Fish and meat?! Ick. I don't want to be eating corpses, that's nasty.

  39. da streets part 3 says:

    damn. if she lost 30 lbs she would be a hottie. but she keep it thick for tha niggas.

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