Cannabis YouTube’s Garden Broken into, Children and CBD, Snoop Dogg Legal Trouble and More!

It’s Wednesday and that can only mean one thing! Time for a discussion!

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Children and CBD –

Snoop vs Maple Leafs –

Mislabelled cannabis oil –

Cannabis increases sperm count?

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20 thoughts on “Cannabis YouTube’s Garden Broken into, Children and CBD, Snoop Dogg Legal Trouble and More!”

  1. carl denis says:

    Hi big

  2. carl denis says:

    Me from Québec Gatineau a lot of Snow to

  3. carl denis says:

    A raining to

  4. carl denis says:

    Me plus 4 today

  5. carl denis says:

    Smiley more weedd

  6. carl denis says:

    La continentale Québec

  7. carl denis says:

    How you fête sponced

  8. carl denis says:

    La confidentiel

  9. carl denis says:

    Sorry for him

  10. carl denis says:

    Dont show and got camera

  11. carl denis says:

    Stolers everywhere

  12. Green Snapper says:

    Where i am we have 30 to 35% THCA And on CBD the Highest is 19% You can get it here All Day LONG.. Thanks Pigeon …

  13. Ajent P says:

    I love your commentary lol

  14. Ganja Train says:

    Very nice work!

  15. Burlap Slap says:

    Hey bro, love your videos. Just on my first indoor grow. Smokin on some Grapefruit Sour Dreams. Starting small with 4 autos and cfl’s. Any advice ? I agree 100% about cultivating being a closed lip venture. Just remember that “everything is not for everybody “
    Btw, smokin down in southeast Ohio, USA. Dude, you don’t need to take a stand on a conflicting platform that could derail what you are doing for the Cannabis community. Keep your head up and your nail hot. Peace bro

  16. ottomatic Rabbitt says:

    Chicago Blackhawks are showing some signs of life. last I saw they were 2 games out of a wildcard spot

  17. Shawn LeBlanc says:

    Yes we love those plants

  18. Michael Howard Wolf says:

    Don't stop doing you! always on your side.

  19. Tha Silent One says:

    Cameras = criminal tools if growing and breaking the law . Just a heads up

  20. Travis Chatwin says:

    Love the show pigeons help everyone learn how to grow your own and keep a positive mind

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