16 thoughts on “Can’t wait for those “my fat ass thought this was caramel” comments hahaha I ke…”

  1. _samanthalee24 says:

    @_that_one_dumbass_ it’s wax. like dabs

  2. _that_one_dumbass_ says:

    Wait wth its not caramel?

  3. realchiyo says:

    @jagotschall98 he said it

  4. jagotschall98 says:

    No. A job is a job no matter if you love what your making. I work at a store where I handle a lot of fried chicken and other foods I love but I don’t just get to eat it whenever. These guys who work with this stuff have to sell it. So after the novelty has worn off they’ll prolly hate it just like any other job.

  5. everythingbylizzy says:

    Omg i thought It was cons

  6. emanuel.plascencia says:

    @demis_crybaby it’s wax

  7. maemaimarley says:

    I thought it was peanutbutter ……

  8. juscallmehsparks says:

    My fat ass thought it was Carmel too. Omagaawd my 2nd love after food lol

  9. ricanboy_787pr says:

    @lil.t.15 fr I’m tryna download it

  10. lil_toxic_bitch says:


  11. lordie.lord says:

    Deadass thought this was caramel

  12. mekishiko_hito says:

    @i_amcorinthia la voz del barrio

  13. mezteckvm says:

    Get paid to play with it and do nothing? Awesome no

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