Celebrities Who Launched Weed Brands in 2019 | NowThis

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Are you even a celebrity if you didn’t launch a weed brand in 2019?
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In US news and current eventstoday, NowThis News has puttogether a list of all the celebrities who started or got involved with a weed brand in 2019. The list includes Lil Wayne, Jay Z, Seth Rogen, Drake, Martha Stewart, Jimmy Buffett, Chelsea Handler, Rob Gronkowski, and Jerry Garcia’s estate.

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13 thoughts on “Celebrities Who Launched Weed Brands in 2019 | NowThis”

  1. Prophet YouTube says:

    Smoke a lot more please, lung cancer is AMAZING, and quite entertaining to watch!

  2. Thomas Claesson says:

    Myself being swedish socialist
    The US left is bound losing momentum and losing their project of rebuilding the american society if continuing running an ultra narcoliberal policy.

  3. SsSs RoBbSs says:

    Because theres not enough nonsense weed "brands" as it is now. You already can't navigate a menu without a THC percentage right next to all the random adjectives…

    AND Jayz needs to spend some of his billion on a hair cut…

  4. the dude says:

    Nothing makes me happier than seeing "celebrities" go bankrupt over business deals because they in fact have no idea what they are doing

  5. K T says:

    So inspirational

  6. Lew 287 says:

    So this is your self proclaimed news. Not Rangers beating rivals Celtic for the first time at parkhead (Celtic’s stadium) for the first time since 2012 when rangers were in the low divisions after a overcharged tax bill for 50 million more than it was actually was. we lost great players and were in the low divisions for that time until a few years ago when we finally got to the premiership. This a big deal we for the first time in ages have a chance at lifting the league cup. We have more titles than Juventus 54 titles. We lost Fernando Ricksen this year. He was a great player for our team passed away from motor neurone disease. Anyway back to the game Ryan jack (Rangers) scored the first goal. Then Edward (Celtic) scores with a hand ball. He got away with it. Then Nikola Katic (Rangers) scores with a header. Alfredo Morelos (Rangers) got a red card for diving but previous to that a Celtic player grabbed Morelos by the nuts. Scott brown (Celtic) flipped Morelos over his shoulder. Celtic has at least 7 fouls that didn’t get punished because the ref was useless and let Celtic away with everything.

  7. nand nicarrabla says:

    Is it a good thing to teach our children that not trying to avoid weed is not a bad thing?

  8. Henry Jones says:


  9. Sergio P. says:

    Looks like them vegans like not only to eat grass but to smoke it too.

  10. Sergio P. says:

    No Willie Nelson? Really?

  11. Taurean says:

    Should add on Constitution : The right to possess WEED !

  12. Grow YourOwn says:

    Why buy when you can "Grow YourOwn"

  13. Masne Wiadro says:

    greetings from poland

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