Chi Ching Ching – Weed Problems ft. Sean Paul

Happy 4/20 from Chi Ching Ching and Sean Paul taken from the new album Turning Tables on Dutty Rock Productions

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23 thoughts on “Chi Ching Ching – Weed Problems ft. Sean Paul”

  1. Asif Hussein says:

    No boomm light ..not a weed Pyramids…

  2. Asif Hussein says:

    No boomm light ..not a weed Pyramids…

  3. TheTorontoCommunity says:

    This the summer18 bangerr zeeeit

  4. HHJ Smith says:

    Love the vibes of the song

  5. Ams S says:

    Such a funny video especially when the bird is too stoned and getting the ash all over the arm chair and chi is getting vexed

  6. Oscar Hidalgo says:

    temazo ctm!

  7. Rosa Herrera says:

    Yeah Jamaican accents

  8. Marlon Phillips says:

    Ok ay I have to be that way you can get lit to this year I've written about 17 songs LIT

  9. Randy Smith says:

    Every weed man know di things …. Weed weed

  10. Zain Khalid says:


  11. Victor Perry says:

    Yow that's pattua you got come from the Caribbean

  12. blk ghost Batmon says:

    Water run out a mi eye dog

  13. Bilal Amir says:

    Dog it bun me fi man weh see Dem smoke weed a d Never have them own not even a lighter

  14. Gnana Prakash says:

    3 types of English

  15. GOGOZ says:

    Are they really smoke a weed?

  16. Mama Iqbal says:

    Its this in Holland?

  17. Manny Savanhu says:

    weed ploblem

  18. Broccoli _dino says:

    Bruh this song kinda bad tho ngl

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