Chief Keef High Asf & Accidentally PREVIEWS A New Song With Him And NBA YoungBoy!!!

#ChiefKeef #NBAYoungBoy
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30 thoughts on “Chief Keef High Asf & Accidentally PREVIEWS A New Song With Him And NBA YoungBoy!!!”

  1. Monte' Maurice says:

    Sound like LA flow a little loll

  2. michael arnold says:

    That's not a new song dh , that's no love ft j tuda

  3. swift jit says:

    Way song is dat at the beginning

  4. Holy Visuals says:

    Ok keef back sound good

  5. TheSowikHD says:

    ANd where is that preview with YoungBoy?

  6. GLO Bandss says:

    This no love with him n j tuda

  7. Top Flow Gang says:

    Gucci Mane will ride off that 1st beat fr

  8. Unknown Hits says:

    If a nigga say Chief ain't hard after this y'all crazy. This shit bout to be a hit

  9. Local Pimp says:

    What's that first song ? Or every song here

  10. Itz Cam says:

    He still rich period he do what he want

  11. Josh Mc says:

    ya niggas on youtube dont know what ya talkingabout ya just be saying anything thats J Tuda

  12. J444 says:

    Chief Keef is the original trap god

  13. Starmade Productions says:

    Anybody know the 2nd song? First is no love

  14. colourfulmocho says:

    this song 1 year old goofy

  15. Chapo Gucci says:

    running red lights

  16. Dominick Daniel says:

    3:29 Chief keef- War. You're welcome

  17. Bordeax Gaming says:


  18. Dorian Dtm says:

    Chief Turbo

  19. LilGloryBoyZay says:

    First song J Tuda ft chief keef No love

  20. Fresh ass fade Boi says:

    So how you know it was accidental you dumb mutherfucker? This ain't even young boy you wack hoe

  21. FZERO Prod says:

    sosa still the best

  22. KingCP says:

    Y'all watch the song at 1:40 ain't gonna drop like all his most wanted

  23. Gloryboy Saint #RIP LA #600300 says:

    Keef made and left his mark forever. He never could fall off bc he influeneced all these new rappers, everybody childhood is sosa

  24. X'zaivier Serrano says:

    That's no love

  25. Ed Stone says:

    We back to the leaks?

  26. Benzo Benz says:

    Watch, some random ass nigga gon watch this stream and copy 1:40 flow and become famous in 6 months

  27. Rico Suave says:

    thats chief keef song dumb ass Nigga and HW also made the beat

  28. S_billzz says:

    Whats the song between 1:151:20?

  29. Official Lekk says:

    Can Y'all help Me Reach 2,000 Likes On This Video ???? Have a Blessed Night !!!!!

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