Chiefin-Kief® Cones by Barewoods® Pre-Roll Review

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Qveen Cannabis reviews Chiefin Kief prerolls while cruising to work with Casey.
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Chiefin Kief Cones are the best pre-rolls on the market. Barewoods®, the maker of Chiefin Kief Cones, have the best products in the industry. So, it’s no surprise that this preroll takes the cake for all prerolls Qveen Cannabis has ever tried. The special ingredient within Chiefin Kief prerolls has to be the exclusive bud on the inside. The premium taste of Chiefin Kief Cones is one of many reasons why this pre-roll is #1 on the “Must Try” list.

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10 thoughts on “Chiefin-Kief® Cones by Barewoods® Pre-Roll Review”

  1. That Gamer Alex says:

    Awesome bud

  2. Roaring Lioness says:

    Well damn where have I been? Pre rolled, thanks for puttin me on.

  3. Hip Hop’s Enthusiast says:

    Yooo is not gon hold you I fw your channel

  4. Kelly Bundi says:

    Thanks for sharing. That looks ahhhhmazing !

  5. ObliteratingSuns says:

    Love the video, fam! Cant wait to see more

  6. Seth Ritchie says:

    Word the fuck up! Chiefin Kief is the shit, I likes the DR OG the most. What's yours?
    That blueberry muffin is bombskies!
    I just ordered a Monster Glue and Green Crack Chiefin Kief after watching this. Had me craving a cone! Have you tried any of the Dr. Zodiak pre rolls? They're too fuckin small to even fuck with lol at least for me, I'm straight sold on Bare Farms! They were giving out little lanyards around Xmas time if you ordered any Chiefin Kief prerolls. Anwho, enjoyed the vid! Stay Lit!!

  7. Elevated Emotions says:

    Preroll heroes

  8. Brandon Abner says:

    Visiting Cali soon where can i get that pre-roll?

  9. si E says:

    Lol brilliant video! Especially love the fact you chose to do the phat blunt review during the drive to work lol! So Baller!

  10. dead shot says:

    Al, guien que sepa como se llama la cancion… ??

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