Combo Dab

Combo Dab

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Special thanks to:

Flor: @flowerinspanish
Oopz: @Oopzallberryz
Milla: @Thalifeofmilla

End Song:

MILLA – Heaven (feat. Omar Kadir)

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Combo Dab

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28 thoughts on “Combo Dab”

  1. Brianna Terrell says:

    Gots to be og dabs I smell da shut threw iPad dammmmmmmm

  2. Brianna Terrell says:

    I ain't gon lie I'm smelling my Shit

  3. Brianna Terrell says:

    Combo it den

  4. Brianna Terrell says:

    Dat bitch is high

  5. Brianna Terrell says:

    Crystals I would have added crystal thc

  6. Brianna Terrell says:

    I'm out to foo gang

  7. Evolution Artwork says:

    Does anyone know the name of the edm theme song that they used to have on this show

  8. Prince Harry says:

    Bring back the Old Loaded up squad, i learned to accept Mila … but now its like in the Fresh Prince when they got the new Aunt Viv, just aint the same lmaooooo

  9. phlax us says:

    How to get subs without any content. I love weed, but this video Shows literally nothing

  10. Kaydon Murphy says:

    i love how you guys took rookie dabs n the guys couldnt even take a hit they was dyin n the girl aint even cough

  11. Drew Bolton says:

    Unsubscribe… ur videos are shit. Try a different company or strain every once in a while. Oh and learn to toke smh

  12. Agridon x says:

    she fine.

  13. Savage Boi says:

    Oops my man bro you got some baby lungs but cool vid especially with her

  14. Jabels G says:

    she took a little ass dab fym she smoked "better"

  15. Lando-IsNotLive 007 says:

    damn she's cute, she could get it i'm not gonna lie, send her aye my way lmao

  16. tha ToNimus matters says:

    Who else seen oops in easy's video calm down

  17. Don't Hurtme says:

    okay why their egos so high up their asses mann the two guys kept trying to one up for the chick like chill mann yall forgot to even let her hit until like 6 mins in ans she like i need to bounce yall made it awkward as fuck i couldnt even watch it i saw the first minute im done i paused and skipped to the homegirl and ended the video

  18. Aiden Tiszauer says:

    Is it necessary to cough that much?

  19. BrainyShy says:

    como se dice "flower" in español?

  20. Raylyn Guedes says:

    that girl look gone af bruh

  21. Londer G says:

    How yall niggas get that durban poison

  22. Taivon Towns says:

    Why milla let oppz go first, mans be on his death bed every hit

  23. Oscar Ramirez says:

    Put st and randy

  24. Jose Carrillo says:

    What a waste with that guy with the tie dye en shirt smfh bruh cant take a small dab

  25. Daddy The God says:

    bru why yall always takin them pussy dabs at low temp

  26. ben harhager says:

    she's bad asf

  27. XxU.N.T RaffixX says:

    She look like she want the D and Cuddle 😀 😀

  28. Emma Bowles says:

    that girl is so pretty and so high lmao

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