6 thoughts on “CT WEED REVIEWS #361 Dispensary STRAIN: COLD CREEK KUSH”

  1. Brian says:

    G mans back with the fire and almost hittin 2K soon! I'm smokin some Black Raspberry, its the Goji OG Raspberry x Wookie coming in at 29% cheers!

  2. Robbie D says:

    the stank for lower prices! who can argue with that? I'm just starting my day with a taste of the old standby, Lexi. also cheaper now…great video as always.

  3. James T43 says:

    Holy hell at the purple color

  4. Jack Porter says:

    awesome review I can't wait to get my hands on something like it

  5. Kdoobs2015 Doobieman says:

    THERAPLANT is always coming out with fire strains for low prices it's incredible to see how far they have came as a medical marijuana producer

  6. george malone says:

    Peace be on to you my friend

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