10 thoughts on “CT WEED REVIEWS #364 Dispensary STRAIN: CINDERELLA 99”

  1. BackpackDirty says:

    So, what's the side note on the Connecticut Medical Marijuana Program naming system. Of course it's not like the rest of the country that use the actual name of the strain, I'm not knocking it.. It's unique and you guys look like your program is producing top self strains from what I've researched. Advanced Grow Lab and CPS really pinned down premium cultivating methods and testing. Unlike other markets like California, Colorado, and here in Oregon where testing sometimes gets back burned.

  2. Steve Peridotdragon says:

    Great day Buzz ,Sativa +++++

  3. Robbie D says:

    as a sativa whore; I'll certainly be looking towards this one. and that crumble sounds nice too. let's not let august fly by….

  4. Jack Porter says:

    I'm definitely interested in checking this 1 out and starkiller

  5. Mind Healing says:

    The theraplant capsules have gotten so much more potent. They seem to work faster than before. I keep mine in the fridge and they stay fresh as hell.

  6. Jake B says:

    What is that tool you use to smoke your bowls?

  7. Juny Milliano says:

    Love your review brother. And your subscribers are going up!! Keep em coming and stay active!

  8. Kdoobs2015 Doobieman says:

    Picking this strain up on Thursday I can't wait and online it's says this bud has 5%+ terpenes by weight

  9. Tumbleweed Paul420 says:

    Cool video! New sub 4 u! ☮️ CHEERS ☮️

  10. Tom M says:

    Going this weekend and getting this in oil and flower. Looks
    like exactly what I need in my MM.
    Hope all is well with you and the family.

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