Curren$y & Wiz Khalifa – 2009 Tour Portland OR 2/10/2019

Portland, OR – 2009 Tour

Car Service
Jet Life
Stoned Gentlemen
Find A Way
Super High

2009 Album –

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20 thoughts on “Curren$y & Wiz Khalifa – 2009 Tour Portland OR 2/10/2019”

  1. Top Shelf Collectors says:

    Def in the building for the ATL stop…

  2. Cocteau22 says:

    Ken – Ryu

  3. stephen nolan says:

    That looks unreal !! Wish they came to Ireland !

  4. Drew Cowlthorp says:

    We had that mf boxed

  5. Marley Sheen says:

    Already got my ticket for march 1 this shit gon be classic

  6. Dis Diq says:

    Cones ready for tomorrow in Chi


  7. jacob meglich says:

    The Pittsburg date better be live maan lol wiz’s hometown and the never die corporation should give respects to Mac and play money shot

  8. cwm662 says:


  9. Stephon Ceaser says:

    2/28 DC show i cant wait!!!!

  10. lilmanjp says:

    Bruh whyyyyy did you cut off the part where wiz harmonizes at 7:47 fuuuck. No homo

  11. CuzZtv1 says:

    Cant wait til they pull up to ATL March 4th hoe

  12. Raquel Baccus says:

    Cleveland 2/23…. AYYYYEEE WE IN THERE!!!!

  13. the real levi says:

    ATL march 4

  14. Damagedone56 says:

    See ya on Wednesday night

  15. bennyboy69r 69r says:

    I was there last night it was lit

  16. Arthur L says:

    What was the setlist like for this show? I'm wondering if they will play their own hits as well as supporting the new collab.

  17. Aaron Hinkle says:

    hope to hear more classics at the MD show.

  18. GQloverstyle Lyfe says:

    Every time you do the wide eyes is a Auto WTF

  19. Ez says:

    Mann whoever unlike this ..Yous a bitch

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