Danny Brown and ScHoolboy Q Give Young Nikki Glaser Advice | DANNY'S HOUSE

Danny Brown and rapper, golfer, and country club member ScHoolboy Q talk high school memories and give guidance to a young Nikki Glaser.

From DANNY’S HOUSE, Wednesdays 10p.

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17 thoughts on “Danny Brown and ScHoolboy Q Give Young Nikki Glaser Advice | DANNY'S HOUSE”

  1. Tha chocolate god says:

    Lowkey,Danny remind me of Jar Jar Binks.

  2. Tyler Bennett says:

    This is great. I don’t get why they used Nikki glaser as tha high school girl tho?

  3. Mohamed Kanu says:

    this man Danny laugh is egregious.

  4. Ian Schmidt says:

    He should rename himself to underbite boy q

  5. LAMBO Los says:

    Facts def need a second season!

  6. SE7EN TV says:

    Brah Danny Brown laugh is hilarious

  7. Gino says:

    where do I watch this

  8. Imight Realperson says:

    i thought it was gonna be the comedian nikki glaser lol

  9. Roo says:

    I think Danny Brown is the voice behind Peanut Live

  10. Pedro Ramos says:

    Schoolboy Q is a Gangbangin Hannibal Burress

  11. Christian t says:

    This niggas laugh is sum

  12. mikerivas23 says:

    How old is Danny?

  13. Brittney Hinton says:

    Omg this is amazing lol!

  14. Beno Productions says:

    get ab soul on!

  15. Evie Cr8tions says:

    Damn School Boy Q could be YG's older brother they have similar features and act the same

  16. fuxt edd says:

    Make sure you all buy/stream the hell out of his album. This man deserves it

  17. Art Hillis says:

    I want Danny Brown's laugh as a ringtone.

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