Dave Chappelle Smoked Too Much Weed In Detroit | Netflix Is A Joke

Dave Chappelle was accused of being drunk on stage, but he wasn’t… he was high.

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22 thoughts on “Dave Chappelle Smoked Too Much Weed In Detroit | Netflix Is A Joke”

  1. Ranga Bhave says:

    Damn I seen this special years ago and only now got the feeling that GOOD PEOPLE OF DETROIT is meant to be a joke by itself lmao

  2. Domingo Jr. Delgadillo says:

    Dave I enjoy your comedy now you see how our President Trump must feel

  3. James Mansfield says:

    chappelle vs eddie murphy who you got?

  4. Cream says:

    can't have sh*t in detroit

  5. Tommy 2pieceYa says:

    Just weed Dave, lol, I don't know about that?

  6. James Stone says:

    "the old mouse trap in the pussy ehh?" Fucking crying laughing!! And this is the 3rd time I've heard this!

  7. BACHUR says:

    "I'm like Evel Knievel, I get paid for the attempt" is such a good line

  8. Joseph Santille says:

    No offense evil is better, way better.

  9. ojay Z says:

    damn two puffs

  10. Ananya Bhav says:

    Oh shit!!!!!

  11. darth revan says:

    Once your on Dancing with the stars it's game over Son. Time to invest whatever you have left in bonds or some shit!

  12. coolluke master24 says:

    Can't have anything in Detroit

  13. Abin Saji says:

    The homeless did do anything to you they couldn't even pay for your show

  14. Rachelle Barrett says:

    Dave Chappelle? Bombing? Can't imagine it

  15. Peter Lubisi says:

    Lmao hahaha hahaha hahaha

  16. CatPineconeKit says:

    2:23 Oh shit, either u stole the joke from Drew Lynch, or he stole the joke from you

  17. KARNAGEア says:

    Da gud ol' mousetrap-in-the-pussy trick

  18. zly says:

    That bubble gum shit was cold AF ;]

  19. Chris Bynum says:

    Guys im 20 and my mom just found out i smoke weed so she's trying to get me to stop. How do I tell her that weed is awesome and that I wanna keep smokin it?

  20. Acrobatic_ Jesus says:

    Greatest comedian of my generation.

  21. Pat Massey says:

    This comment is brought to you by Raid: Shadow Legends.
    Smoke too much weed? Calling bullshit.

  22. Jacqueline Morrison says:

    Not. Rightbow. Rainchech. Stairway

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