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  1. mike Anderson says:

    Same intro as Xcodeh

  2. El guapo del feugo says:

    Bro that's crazy I fuck with woodysgamertag heavy

  3. Copes says:

    Personally I believe its very different from person to person. For me I don’t want to do shit and find it very hard to concentrate on something. Whereas some of my buddies could run a marathon and write 4 exams while stupid baked.

  4. Shay Grahams says:

    Quality shitt!!!

  5. J Vic.Trumpabigassbitch says:

    For me weed just really calms me and releases me from a lot. But at the same time I’m still tryna focus on school. I got a job so I don’t got to just sit around, now I’m helping my mom Nd family with bills. Weed calms me but I feel like it disables my true potential. I try not to smoke but with some of the shit I deal with fucks with me and weed helps that.

  6. SandyPete says:

    What's the tune at the start?

  7. Mr. Bro Grow420 says:

    Haven't done dishes sober in 5 years….tell me again that weed makes me less motivated.

  8. yung CXLD zzz says:

    Love YOU THC TEMPLE OG Fan keep making good content

  9. Noah Franklin says:

    Def depends on strain, and generally weed will like, hurt my motivation when i was smokin pot all the time and now sometimes when I dont have pot

  10. Janaya Reiser says:

    idk man i use it as an incentive for after i get my shit done. do a few homework assignments? take a bong rip. long day at work? take a bong rip. it helps me actually look forward to my day instead of wanting to sleep all the time. love my mary jane.

  11. Great Guy says:

    Smoking weed just makes me not care about anything anymore, anybody else feel the same?

  12. bang bang says:

    nice video once again my Larry boy.Whats the intro song ? I heard it in your old videos too

  13. Linus667 says:

    Only if you let it. If all you do is smoke then that's really your problem in the first place. You can't blame marijuana for your laziness and lack of motivation.

  14. Brad Jara says:

    I don't wanna like it cuz it got 420 likes lol

  15. BlockFFA says:

    this man smart as fuck

  16. Elite Gmer says:

    I think that it’s like weed can help you to get motivated, or super chill. Like some people get super motivated but other don’t. Of corse it depends on the strain. I HATE people who say weed is bad who’ve never tried it!! It has so many benefits man

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