Elon Musk Smokes Weed w. Joe Rogan / MY REACTION & Public Opinions!

More and more so the court of public opinion shows its real world value and sentiments with its perception, here is a great example as CEO of Tesla Elon Musk sits down with Joe Rogan on their recent podcast and smokes some marijuana. Now I am pro ganja, I think smoking can be very good for some people and provides many medicinal applications. The Tesla stock fell 10% after the video was released, on the heals of the CFO of Tesla quitting as well, yet the opinions and perception of people are what cerates the value assertation. WE decided what this was worth to us. I think people do the same in Bitcoin and as we become more aware of the why and how the value and perception more importantly in the value of these technologies increase, the $ amount will too! Shout out to Elon for being a champion, sad to see the public is such stuck ups!
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41 thoughts on “Elon Musk Smokes Weed w. Joe Rogan / MY REACTION & Public Opinions!”

  1. BARTETMEDIA says:

    People are always ready to criticize others for something they've probably have done themselves at some point in their lives, hypocrites! Weed has been around since forever and it's not going anywhere, in fact it's become more popular than ever now that's legal in many countries and US states.

  2. Rolf Berge says:

    Rogan should keep his mouth shut about mushrooms and not take out that joint. Elon musk is not that kind of guy and joe should have respect that. I knew this would blow up when i saw it cause the world is stuffed with hypocrites.

  3. MattAHTatTat says:

    I would like to say that most of the public response to this happening don't see any real issue to what happened…so it's not fair to say he is guilty in a court of public opinion. He IS guilty in the propaganda machine known as the mainstream media because they have a vested interest to keep the public dumbed down, sick from gmo crops and doped up by big pharma. MSM is the 4th branch of the government…with no interest in advancing humanity as a "whole".

  4. J D says:

    Nobody cares about anything he says during that podcast, just that he took a puff on a joint. Society is a joke

  5. Chester Copperpot says:

    His stock dropped because he didn’t inhale! 🙂 or maybe it was that nasty dangerous whiskey he was drinking lol

  6. Rhino says:

    Thanks, I appreciate your wide range of content. You are an excellent example of how we should all be.

  7. Jason Robertson says:

    Department of Defense… cancel all of Space Ex contracts! Must is a drug addict and alcoholic! He cannot be trusted with the Nations secrets! Revoke his Security Clearance asap!

  8. SilverS says:

    In 2002 I travelled to Canada and became a university student. In 2006, I met Rick Simpson, then I saw him administer Cannabis Oil to cancer patients who were told to go home and die because there was no hope. Most were cured, many are still alive today. The rest is history. Glad the world is staring to wake up.

  9. Joe Sisneros says:

    YES! Any JRE episodes you recommend?

  10. Astro GeoMancer says:

    I would love the chance to smoke up with Elon Musk and have some fine tobacco and some good coffee over emptying our minds for the world to see.

  11. Aaron Mackay says:

    Maybe he is just coming down off that drug from limitless.
    It would explain his explosive rise in different companies.

  12. Tristan Heindl says:

    I trust Elon Musk with a blunt in his hand spearheading difficult projects more then a politician with a pencil… XD Elon was only connoisseuring a little… He did not smoke weed since he did NOT INHALE so why is everyone flipping out?! why is that not self-explanatory?

  13. J vG says:

    I wouldn't call stock prices the 'public opinion'.

  14. TGProductions says:

    Buy Tesla stock, it's going to pop back up real quick

  15. chrisiden says:

    why is everything naturally grown always illegal for us?… anyone here use Kratom Maenga da?

  16. Kelly Pagano says:

    Yeah. When Elan grabbed the tobacco blunt and hit it, that was good times. He didn’t inhale though

  17. HINCH says:

    Elon & Joe r amazing !

  18. WolfTickets says:

    he had a puff who gives a fuck

  19. Lucas Baker says:

    Elon be dropping acid & cannabis is to much for him hahaha

  20. alexe perron says:

    LMAO someone already made a t-shirt https://le-momentary.com/

  21. J C says:

    I hate fucking potheads. should all be killed tbh

  22. Vigilante Mode Productions says:

    he took one puff, the fuck! overreacting ass muthafuckers!

  23. Jonee Tiedemann says:

    Dude does not inhale. Good for him at least he makes cobalt 59 batteries which, add nuke explosion, makes the deadliest thing known to man, cobalt 60. What a fucken genius from S Africa.

  24. LonelyPianist says:

    We are all humans who sometimes like to have some fun

  25. hellz mane says:

    omg I love Elon even more!!!! Western media needs to find real news to report.

  26. Brett Roberts says:

    I’ve never wanted to buy a TESLA more than I do now, after watching this podcast..

  27. Zod of Heaven says:

    That company is probably better off without those employees. People with sticks up their ass are a hindrance to us all.

  28. Nightmare Core says:

    Atleast his not a pedo like the guy from Subway,

  29. j burg says:

    Elon takes ONE SINGLE TEENY TINY puff of a blunt ( probably just to be polite to Joe ) and doesn't even INHALE IT and the MEDIA wont stop talking about it. Grow the fuck up people, the year is 2018 and cannabis is legal in most states. to me its as if he took a sip of budlight or took a puff of a marlboro and every one totaly lost there shit about it. The MEDIA is at best a bunch of immature silly children that want to turn a fart into a hurricane. And at worst a fascist industry of hatchet boys to spread propaganda and slanderous filth to discredit good people and portray them in a negative light as well as ignite a race war in the country. STOP SHAMING CANNABIS it is a use full medicine, supliment, and a safe and healthy alternative to many dangerous drugs and alcohol.

  30. PresidentialWinner says:

    A thumbs up, obviously. Everyone who has a brain should give Elon two thumbs up for smoking weed.

  31. PresidentialWinner says:

    I think the media coverage has been negative with stupid headlines like "tesla stocks crash as Elon Musk smokes marijuana" etc. When in reality 99% of people who watched that podcast just applauded him for smoking.

  32. PresidentialWinner says:

    Gamora : "Did you do it? Did you smoke pot on Joe Rogan's podcast?"
    Elon : "Yes.."
    Gamora : "What did it cost?"
    Elon : "Everything.."

    No i'm just kidding, it didn't cost him anything. Maybe people who don't approve of marijuana use (I personally don't know almost anyone these days who is like that) don't but teslas? Big deal.

  33. S.a.m Stg says:

    Only one hit?

  34. lumpdawg419 says:

    hell no dont ever mix tobacco with weed what the fuck is wrong with people

  35. Derrick Belcher says:

    If you don't cough, you don't get off. If you don't cry, you don't get high. If you smoke, your going to choke 🙂

  36. Raw Power says:

    Never mix tobacco with ganja it's addictive and bad for your health

  37. Raw Power says:

    Definitely thumbs-up to him

  38. Raw Power says:

    Joe Rogan never asks the hard-hitting questions I don't like Joe Rogan fuck him

  39. Maya marie says:

    That’s why he’s the billionaire and all the small minded people are not self righteous idiots

  40. D1mken Sharpshooter says:

    Sometimes its Nice to smoke a j

  41. Arcane Bear says:

    I know this has nothing to do with blockchain, but I like covering thoughts on random ideas, hopefully, it doesnt kill our ratings! Remember to give us those thumbs up and leave your comments on Musk and Marijuana

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