Eminem – High As Me [ft. Wiz Khalifa, Krayzie Bone, Ray J] 2019

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Eminem – High As Me [ft. Wiz Khalifa, Krayzie Bone, Ray J] Remix 2019

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15 thoughts on “Eminem – High As Me [ft. Wiz Khalifa, Krayzie Bone, Ray J] 2019”

  1. Alex Gatcia says:

    Dude post this version with 2pac.

  2. pramesh extra says:

    Nice and real

  3. Rebel XD says:

    m&m is just sinking deeper and deeper into wackness. Why is the fuck am I still getting notifications from this channel? I am not even subscribed to it. What the hell, man? The verbal abuse that I am gonna to hit m&m with is going to be LEGENDARY and that much worst because of this shit. I am going to "ELIMENIMINATE" his candy ass!!! Mark my words. And after I rip m&m open, I'm going to toss the w(rapper) into the trash, right along with what's left of tiny crushed up peanuts and small bits of crumbled and broken up bits of artificial chocolate candy shells.

  4. Александр люблю Виноград says:

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wtf эти диз likes?!

  5. 2 cent says:

    Hahahaahaaaa, New hit nigga…hope you still catching up with your old school music, (show and prove)

  6. Joshua Shannon says:

    Another reason to give rap devil credit.

  7. Jeremy Williams says:

    First of all this is not a new song n the verse em spit is mixed out from another song…

  8. Jennifer Lewis says:

    Hey you I'm going thru sum things these bitch ass souls got me wanting to hurt them in flesh..

  9. Cindy Mell says:

    Fabulous mix thanks

  10. Ricky Massey says:

    I just wanna give props to the person that mashed this together.
    Fucking great job.

  11. ercbnj1983 says:

    This channel is so dumb and i havent subscribed so why do i get notificatoons about these dumb fake vids.

  12. Jayko Lazkano says:

    Luiz khantinflas the best

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