Here is the medical marijuana review for florida.Its time we made a video for Colorado to show them what we are made of down here in the sunshine state and what strains we have available here.With strains available only to us hard working Floridians that won with a landslide vote to have the medicine they deserve available to those that need it but somehow the ones at the top screwed it all up and instead took the monopoly money from big pharma ,, tobacco not to mention the pills and alcohol industry that is killing everyone that uses there products, so they duped the people of florida even tho they won the vote now we are doomed without the actual buds or flowers of the plant .Colorado you have a lovely sate and I’m sorry but we are sick and tired of watching your pot reviews full of hot chicks and bowls of wonderful weed in the very pretty mountain state when we cant have nothing down south!!People just legalize it and move on we have more important issues than this harmless plant cmon guys wake up!!!!Imagine if things were in reverse and in Colorado pot was illegal and in florida it was not and we could have what we wanted grow and shop at the stores we wanted too how would your state feel?If you care about your fellow americans down here in the south then start a HUGE march or something and come down here to florida and save us from this tyranny and we will join you in the fun!!!Otherwise please keep you videos to a minimum until we get our full recreational legalization too.. .Florida is trying its best but things are moving slowly,, i do believe one day they will get this worked out and have the flowers and plants available too!!Once the big wheels see that things are ok and its not the devils plant and they start making money on taxes!!! They will come to there senses maybe and just tax it for revenue.Some people down here are crippled and in pain and they need the mmj in the plant form of this medicine down here more than ever to help out the sick the diseased and the dyeing.We cant treat these people and like criminals for mmj anymore the crooks get better treatment than this!!!Thank you for your understanding in this matter south florida is a paradise with the some of the most exotic beaches in the world with beautiful wildlife and ocean on all three sides with hard working people and lots of culture and sites to see …and I think this would help out and boost our economy for tourism is all I’m saying the sunlight we get here is amazing and it shines all the time..Medical mmj is now legal in florida and anyone with the proper doctor and ailments can receive a medical card and apply to get a license from Tallahassee for the vape pen and lotions but that is it for now!!! becouse the flowers and the the buds are not yet available to the people !!!Some people have gotten john morgan the attorney and filed lawsuits so I hope they get this mess worked out one day!I made this video to hopefully get some laughs and help people see how far we have avtually come!!!!ENJOY!!!!!

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  1. BlackHole115 says:

    Lost my chem dawg lol yoir point is valid none the less and hopefully the lawsuits help our plight

  2. Michael Short says:

    Love the satire!

  3. djpaulywood says:

    good stuff – on point

  4. camelloops says:

    200 $ for the mmj doctor visit & 75$ for the card every year from then on for low level thc vape pen and some sheeple lotion!!

  5. SER CC says:

    I have complex PTSD why is the state of Florida doing this to us? I've heard on the internet now if medical marijuana patient's want or need flower medical marijuana..we have too vote on legalization in order for us to get the help we need…this is crazy! Check out www. regulateFlorida.com there's a petition for legalization and growing up to six plant's per household deadline is Feb 1st 2018 for the 2018 ballet

  6. SER CC says:

    Check out http://www.regulate Florida.com vote on legalization and home growing it's called the Florida cannabis act

  7. B-Ham Bus says:

    Funny video though

  8. Matthew Soifer says:

    must be a dying criminal. lol love it

  9. camelloops says:

    yeah wearing the sheeple lotion sucks and it smells like a bag of wet sox and cheese …

  10. J Bogey says:

    Hit up http://www.rEjointz.com in Florida! Best company in florida around!!!

  11. Peace Luv says:

    Florida is bullshit only for the fucking rich

  12. Peace Luv says:

    Love this vid because that how we getting fuck

  13. Chucky Cheese says:

    why even get your card? this time last yr we had nothing. your negative. we are in infancy stage. will evolve and change over time. not perfect but Florida's mmj program helps people take care guys

  14. Rocky DelaCruz says:

    Haha… lost my Chem Dog…. lmao

  15. aaron teves says:

    Just one fix. Ministry rules

  16. iTzOGxFTW says:

    I wonder how long it took him to make all of those fake flash cards

  17. camelloops says:

    OK just so the average person understands what is happening in florida,,, sick people and veterans with epilepsy and chronic painful diseases are waiting and suffering what kind of bullshit is this?  You should all be furious!!!

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