For 100 Years The US Government Has Enabled Coca-Cola to Produce and Sell Cocaine: Marijuana Minute

For 100 Years The US Government Has Enabled Coca-Cola to Produce and Sell Cocaine: Marijuana Minute Save 10% on everything in the Wizard Puff online head shop with the code: “CANNABASICS”:

Many people know that Coca-Cola, the number one selling soft drink in the world originally contained cocaine. But did you know that Coca-Cola, through a proxy company, has for a hundred years produced cocaine as a byproduct of making the soda? And they also sell it for pharmaceutical use. And it’s all 100% legal, at least for Coca-Cola it is.

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45 thoughts on “For 100 Years The US Government Has Enabled Coca-Cola to Produce and Sell Cocaine: Marijuana Minute”

  1. Albaro T says:

    Been waiting for one of these, good information gents

  2. Dani Flores says:

    lmao matt doing gods work

  3. Swage Mastor says:

    Interesting great video

  4. Aaron Halladay says:

    Would love to see more of these type of videos.

  5. kingDeCosta123 says:

    Too bad Australians will never get to use weed without government persecution.

  6. TSCO420 says:

    awesome psa

  7. LickMyBallsCunt says:

    bout to go hit my apple pipe

  8. Scott Weisenborn says:

    No suprise i guess. If the gov gets a cut of the cash flow then no reason to stop them from producing coca cola no matter how bad it is for you to consume it

  9. Dylan Davis says:

    Everybody is a slave to the government, the government owns you, they forcefully take money you work very hard for and if you dont pay then agents come to lock you away, how is this any different than the mafia, they make you pay rent for your owned house, but even though you paid for it, the government can make a highway over your house whenever they want. Public schools are only there so you think you need the government. But really you are all just slaves picking a new owner every 4 years, if you really want to make a difference, withdrawl all of your money from your bank account because the bank doesnt really have your money, they only have 10% of it meaning if 10% of the people woithdrawl their money, the federal reserve crashes and they cant give money to the government and then dont pay any more taxes and within a few days you will be free once again.

  10. Sir Growalott says:

    Cannabis/Hemp are hated by big corporations because Cannabis/Hemp are like the Swiss Army Knife of the plant world, it's the plant that can do it all.

  11. MR. FUCR says:

    Nice work fellas!

  12. The_dude says:

    grow ya own weed.. cannabis oil gud for cancer

  13. SRTrollinz says:


  14. Josh Johnson says:

    Do more stuff like this my man

  15. Cpt. Obvious. says:

    To be fair, I'd be in a better place in my life without weed and a much worse state without coca cola. But your point is very, very valid.
    (I smoked a lot at the start of college so I was too lazy to study (Still passed) and I have problems with low blood suger/glucose)

  16. Teresa Young says:

    Coca-Cola, hasn't had Cocaine in it for decades.

  17. The Johnson says:

    Stop glorifying weed, it's illegal because people get addicted to it and can't stop throwing money at it. Guys who make 1200 a month start spending 10 a day, that adds up to like 300 a month. Thats 1/4 of your income gone

    It's Illegal because people can't handle the shit.

  18. MedTHCOntario Canada says:

    This IS DASHIT! We need a weekly Marijuana Minute Episode! These Rock RUFFHOUSE! ✌️❤️

  19. Cmoney Dom says:

    Big bussnies

  20. Cmoney Dom says:


  21. Cmoney Dom says:

    Errbody is on the hook

  22. Cmoney Dom says:

    Sodas rot your teeth

  23. cookinsdabest says:

    Where is the coke going??? You don't see any cocaine based products being used pharmaceutically

  24. Shawn Jones says:

    I never knew it was safe to take coke and caffeine.

  25. Mähöne says:

    love how you have a nice balance between educational, instructional and humor content – and the editing game is on point as well. Hope more people would find this channel, thanks Matt

  26. Johnny oneye says:

    they removed the ingredient that makes it "addictive "
    wich doesn't explain Diet Coke , why do people drink 10/cans a day?
    ASPERTAME is another by product that FDA APPROVED #bullshit
    while maintaining cannabis has no medical use and oxycontin are not addictive
    DEA #quitlying
    FDA #quitlying
    epa manup!

  27. A.Wise.Aztec says:

    I learned so much from this vid. Very informative and entertaining even while stoned. Thumbs up!

  28. Derpå Derp says:

    Greate video!

  29. Divergent Droid says:

    I'm so High. This Marijuana Minute seems like it's 8 minutes long. Whoa.

  30. Divergent Droid says:

    I find it Really odd that they get already cocaine alkali stripped coca leaves and not fresh leaves. I agree this should be looked into. We should not allow an American company to do business with drug cartels if that's where they are getting the leaves. Drug cartels kill people over cocaine. I wonder if the Rico Act applies. Please do another video if you find out more.

  31. Nabbehh says:

    The risk for cancer with caramel coloring is comically low. You'd have to drink gallons of the stuff by itself in a short span to even be at risk.

  32. Jarrod Friday says:

    Man I wish things were different. What if cannabis had stayed legal…smh. One day.

  33. Alex bailey says:

    I only smoke and drink occasionally but all drugs should be legal the government should not be able to tell you what you can put in your body

  34. trustnojuan says:

    Soo thats the secret ingredient for coca cola

  35. Steve Martino says:

    There is no "medicinal cocaine" in the US, so where is this product and money going?

  36. Scott D says:

    nice matt

  37. matt orton says:

    Good reporting Matt!

  38. TreTre McBongrips says:

    Yeah yeaah.. Coca-cola has a colorful past.. but that shit is delicious. Pepsi taste like flat RC.

  39. PoshMurder says:

    "[…] it's all about the money"

    It's the same for Cannabis legalisation, unfortunately. The government is so corrupt that the ONLY way Cannabis has been made legal, for recreational use, isn't because it is harmless. It is not because it has a whole range of medicinal properties. It is not because it is good for the soil it grows on, purifying it of prior damage (hemp purifies the soil to a certain degree).
    Cannabis was only made legal, and is continuing to be made legal across more states in time, because of the revenue the government would obtain through taxes.

    ^ If this, coupled with the information in the video, is not enough to convince you that the US Government only cares, at the heart of it all, about money and power I do not know what else to tell you.

  40. GG PP says:

    How do you jump from cannibis to cocaine? This attempt to express your point of view regarding cocaine and the links with our government may be the beginning of the end for ruffhouse studios. In my opinion, this educational, masked by your "personal grind" against the US government, might be YOUR first mistake. Good luck with your channel.

  41. Playboii Vallens says:

    Say a lot doesn't it.if it cause problem that's can be solved by buying products that cause more problems…..

  42. OG SALVATORE says:

    If they put that s*** in our bottles nowadays we probably be much happier I don't know because I've never tried it before but it sounds pretty psychedelic I I just stick to my Mary J for now when I get older party on bucket list after age 75 try all the drugs in the world if I can afford it at that time but I'll probably have Asperger's I mean Alzheimer's I mean wait I lost train of the subject at hand where was I a f**** I'm too high St Louis

  43. Rafael Almeida Gomes says:

    Daamn minblowing

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