Fouseytube Smoking WEED On Stream (Getting Super High) MUST WATCH!!!

Fouseytube Smoking WEED On Stream (Getting Super High) MUST WATCH!!!

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26 thoughts on “Fouseytube Smoking WEED On Stream (Getting Super High) MUST WATCH!!!”

  1. Feezy says:

    Fucking NoobieTube

  2. The5GIO5 says:

    Nice Muslim

  3. nico hubert says:

    Weed is great

  4. Jessica The Ultima wolf says:

    He is an adult ….he can do whatever he wants leave yousef alone

  5. Smash gamerZ says:

    He is a sanava bitch

  6. BangBangAhLieee says:

    Weak ass, bitch ass, no lungs having ass bitch ass hit ass dick ass hit. Nah I’m kidding I love you bro lol

  7. Omer yarka says:

    doesn't mean you're a bad person just cause you smoke weed idiots

  8. Lebron James 23 says:

    U are a fuck boy if I see u u will get fucked up nigga said he’s Muslim

  9. lebz says:

    Fucking pussy and your hits are gay fucking faggot

  10. Dylan says:

    weed dosent harm you, its a good thing the government brain washed us to think its bad foh

  11. MgpCruell says:

    Yo, wtf. Im young as fuck and can hit a bong better than him.

  12. Marquis D says:

    my nigga fousey

  13. Jad says:

    idk why everyone cares why he smokes, so many muslims smoke, smh. like me

  14. Purppp 23 says:

    All y'all complain about this being Haram or bad like stfu if u don't like it then fucking leave like get yo haram police ass outta here dam acting like anyone gives a fuck what u say like leave the nigga alone if he gonna blaze let him blaze if u don't like it don't watch

  15. Sean T says:

    This nigga didnt do shit

  16. 420 allday says:

    Atleast he holds his hits in like a champ

  17. Witch vs Wizard says:

    That’s dangerous and haram and don’t say the f word

  18. Belieber says:

    It's normal to smoke weed y'all relax

  19. Belieber says:

    He is like 27-28 he is an adult jeeze

  20. athleate 69 says:

    Nothing wrong with smokeing weed .

  21. Shant Ilishya says:

    Lmao this made my day

  22. mxsmsmike says:

    That wasn’t smooth that was stale af

  23. The Motel. says:

    Lmao I’m not a fan of him but shit I’ve never related harder to him at all fousey make more bud vids honestly if fucking watch

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