Fox News endorses and jokes about legal marijuana.

Legalize marijuana generally, that passed in Colorado and Washington.
It means I’m going to smoke a lot of weed tonight. Woooooo. Wo. he. he. he
I can’t smoke weed, you know what will happen.
No I don’t.
Here Ya go.
It’s medicinal.
Give them back to me. Come on.
It’s medicinal.
What the hell was that.
What are you talking to me? Who are you to go walking around with a bag of weed but you can’t have a bacon sunday. What the hell is this country coming to Bill Cunningham?
We need more weed and less Sundays.
Let’s legalize marijuana.
Smoke weed every day. Smoke weed every day. That’s the message.
For what.
I don’t know?
What as this country come to Bill Cunningham?
Barack Hussain Obama.
I inhaled frequently that was ah that was the point.

“Lee Redmond’s Slow Motion Fender Bender” (by Monroeville Music Center)

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3 thoughts on “Fox News endorses and jokes about legal marijuana.”

  1. Dan 123 says:

    Wow, that was supposed to be the conservative network right? I guess the cultural war has indeed been won.

  2. 420squeeg says:

    LOL, even Faux News can't even say it's bad with a straight face anymore. {grins}

  3. Curtis Smithson says:

    Weed Should be free .to smoke 21 and older . Make alcohol illegal.That's the right thing to do.

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