Getting Sponsored For Smoking Weed

I thought i would go over a little of how i went about getting sponsorship and pass along the very few tips i have.

Unfortunately its not something that has a super distinct answer. You have to provide content that people are drawn too.

I hope this didnt come off as preachy! just wanted to share a little of what i think is insight haha.

Cheers everyone! have a killer night!

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49 thoughts on “Getting Sponsored For Smoking Weed”

  1. Samuel e says:

    What's the biggest dab you've ever taken and the most expensive piece you've ever hit – @yalocalbotanist

  2. Cody Plummer says:

    Love your videos man, especially the vlogs!

    Is heady615 your brother. I'm so confused.

  3. Your neighborhood Stoner says:

    @Matthais710WRX what is your favorite strain. p.s. stay stoney

  4. JenLyn7391 says:

    Where is your favorite place that you've traveled?

  5. Triston Peters says:

    What's up man! My question is did you have anyone you looked up to or wanted to smoke with prior to you becoming popular in the cannabis community?

  6. d w says:

    You're great man, I want your videos regularly and really appreciate you and your constantly evolving insight. You seem to be an honest, kind person with positive intentions. I work in the AZMMP industry and recommend your videos to patients that would appreciate you. Thank you for everything man!

  7. d w says:

    happy 420 Eve!

  8. Hallow Sounds says:

    I have noticed how some of these people who rep don't even know how to use the product in full/don't know everything about the product
    Very annoying

  9. jason bocash says:

    Have you ever done lsd?

  10. Alfredo Inzunza says:

    How old are you if u don't mind me asking ?

  11. Rj King says:

    Your videos are really good!!

  12. Angel Abraham says:

    shit im 14 and im on poral fuckk. 420 is tmw

  13. tri angle says:

    I would love to be sponsored one day. Mostly product reviews of Australian artists.

  14. Andrew Furnish says:

    im a daily smoker and i cough worse than you with flower with every bowl i have, it sucks and i wish i wouldn't cough so much, do you have any anti-coughing tips

  15. Shawn Bianchin says:

    you own a mr vorhees? just asking because i saw the mat.

  16. Jake Schumann says:

    lmfao you three fucks!!!

  17. Robert Miller says:

    q/a tell us more about yourself in general

  18. Ryan Treat says:

    You always talk about doing some drugs – what r the actual hard drugs you've tried if any? Craziest party? How you decided what to do during krnafter high school?

  19. devon Blanchard says:

    thank you for the advise its cool that u are trying to help us out peace man and do u like huge rigs or minis more bring em on more videos there awesome

  20. 600 Ganggg says:

    @Matthias my question is how did you get into dabs.

  21. Calculate This says:

    @Matthias710WRX I just had the idea to try covering my dab in kief by rolling it in a pile while its on the dabber ready to be taken. So far I am very baked.

  22. Brandon Rowell says:

    Fuck what other people say do you man

  23. ChocolateKushOG says:

    great tips, thank you:)

  24. Scott Ryan says:

    Why i never see any mothership on your table ???

  25. Vylchar says:

    Hey man, iv'e never done a dab before but i am looking into it, any tips on where to start? And when you take a dab you literally die coughing, is that like "normal" for dabs or is it just you.

  26. Bill Nye says:

    Love the music in the video, keep up the amazing work bro, and happy 4/20!

  27. AsianDabMan710 says:

    what is your dream collab/(group of people) to smoke with?

  28. Dill Wood says:

    Smoke with Snoop, or Afroman?

  29. Leia Fonseca says:

    how many rigs have you broken?

  30. Herp Skerp says:

    "it will happen very easily"
    Boy if that isn't the most incorrect answer I've ever heard.

  31. ray sanchez says:

    customgrow has to watch this vid lol

  32. shammy nz says:

    As a fellow canabis enthusiast and lover of performance vehicles I reckon you need to do something with ya WRX it's been to long

  33. Kalvin2220 says:

    Would you be up for a meet and greet?

  34. froggersman says:

    How was your 420?

  35. xraygame 1 says:

    whats the best wax uve ever ripped

  36. Chance Tremlin says:

    Hey man sending love from Michigan! Love the videos, been subscribed for a long time. Keep it up!

  37. The Poet says:

    I love how the drinking bottle just edited itself in at around 3:20 or so. hahahahahaha

  38. Hater Free Smoke Sesh says:

    thank you bro, you helped​me out I'm a beginner so I appreciate all the knowledge you have shared!!!

  39. Christopher Coleman says:

    smoke that shit nefew

  40. Liam Moon says:

    You should do longer smoke videos or talk videos

  41. SuicideStoner 42o says:

    Your video helped me alot thank you bro.

  42. Mason Miller says:

    thats the point of sponsors they help u u help promote them

  43. Mason Miller says:

    keep up the videos

  44. Devon MacDonald says:

    do you play video games? and lets see some subaru videos, do you have any mods?

  45. RoseWolf DakotaWolf says:

    What's your girlfriends channel id love to see her makeup

  46. soter305 says:

    Seems that you prefer the bangers and butane to the electric setup, how come ? Much respect, keep doin your thing and doin it well.

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