34 thoughts on “@GoldLung_420_insta turned a slide into a carb cap/ time bomb with his Clout Ban…”

  1. _anevansanden says:

    @kleetusandthathoejo I dare u guys to do this

  2. christabella.x says:


  3. luft.glass says:

    No fuckin way lolol

  4. tonyweir24 says:


  5. mtmspeed3 says:


  6. _notxime says:

    @montsee.crsr @lux_parker

  7. jjvelivel says:


  8. aintgotnotime33 says:


  9. grass_of_ie says:

    Homie makes these but with intended purpose. Check out the snapcap at @izreal_the_fallen_glass

  10. amandaproto__ says:

    @proto.sam wtfff

  11. charles_doucette says:

    Thats crazy asf

  12. montellnickel says:

    @hokiohenare @conrad_anderson

  13. arcerodrigo says:

    @rogelioadrian14 ve ese atasque

  14. davidwhite710 says:

    @mattbaked94 shit looks cool

  15. mattbaked94 says:


  16. newnuaddddd says:


  17. freehobbes says:

    @ern_demz you’re right. It’s a joint in a bowl… idk why that other person said its not

  18. m.holloway_ says:

    @kww_01 @trm.01

  19. trels says:

    Idk about using a joint when you coulda just used the bowl. Smoking on paper when its not needed

  20. troymcclure14 says:

    This looks terrible

  21. d_cancel5 says:


  22. ern_demz says:

    @crogan_j im italian Sorry i thought in English that thing is called bowl, and why that is not a joint? I still don’t understand how americans call it (Sorry for my orrible english)

  23. crogan_j says:

    @ern_demz thats not a joint nor bowl

  24. weed.kush.dabs says:

    thats pretty dank

  25. socialmodelscout says:

    Hey awesome picture!! I check here every week… Keep it up 😀

  26. kimmhauptman says:

    Holy fuck thats crazy @dying.daisy_

  27. arnie._ says:

    @ryan.cumming @reigndtd rip

  28. juztwatchofficial says:

    hey sick picture!! I check here everyy week… Keep it up :p

  29. ern_demz says:

    WHY TF do you put a joint in a Bowl? Some americans are really stupid

  30. luke_solomons says:


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