Greening Out From WEED For The FIRST Time.

This video is entended for documentation, entertainment and artistic expression. Do NOT try this at home.

Today i explain in detail the first time i ever greened out from smoking too much.. hope you all enjoy

The First Time I Smoked Weed –

The Police Searched Me And Found Weed –

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18 thoughts on “Greening Out From WEED For The FIRST Time.”

  1. Mercy says:

    hello yae one

  2. Made in Medium says:

    Purple haze sesh

  3. nkam9 says:

    What an amazing video yae keep am comin

  4. WLG WLG says:

    Brutha, your notification could not have come at a better time. I'm going to go blaze that beautiful flower right now.

  5. Random misfit says:

    Yae is chucking a whitey. Never happen

  6. Nxughtybynxture says:

    Probably my second sesh ever (smoking in a bush setting) smoked two cones proceeded to throw up and pass out in some leave for two hours woke up walked home and ate a loaf of bread haha

  7. M.A.D.PandaGaming says:

    Huh…..I've been smoking for years and never thrown up on weed. Not once. Guess that's weird?

  8. Yomama 8me says:

    I greened out too before i didnt tell you before but it happened n kinda sucks feels like time is super slow to me when i green out but stopped trying to green out cuz kinda wastes when you smoke them fast instead of slow cuz still can get stoned with couple bowls

  9. trm101 says:

    Always happy to see new Yae videos! Hell yeah!

  10. james heka says:

    I almost greend out playing apex once

  11. Kenny.P says:

    First green out i ever had was on a cruise with a buddy. Thankfully my buddy was the one driving. We didn't have much of anything to do with the weekend just starting and decided to take a longer cruise then we normally do. A couple hours in after a lot of smoking and chatting I felt a little lightheaded and handed the bowl over to him. As i was doing that I lost consciousness for a minute and woke up my head about to hit the dash. No visit from Ralph but we turned around and headed back and I went to go take a major nap. Did manage to pass the bowl successfully before going down though. Gotta keep your priorities in line right? 😛

  12. JyeJye says:

    I swallow bongs because I smoke mix and as soon as I start feeling dizzy and it’s more intense then usual then I know I just need to throw up and I’ll be fine. Or sleep but fuck that because it’s shit but ur cooked as so u just want to sleep but u can’t. Just throw up

  13. Grabowski says:

    Greened out on the toilet once.

  14. Andy williams says:

    i had a Whity once omg it was mad i was sweating coughing light headed when i was 15 years old long time ago now still remember it. but swear down bro it was werid whity but never had one since yh air good when wrecked 🙂

  15. Living among vultures says:

    how many time usually users will laugh hard after smoking weed ?

  16. My Queen Is Dead says:

    Oh fuckin man I’ve greened out twice brotha… yes some very intense shit.

  17. Kye Cairns says:

    Love this style of vid keep up the good content

  18. Masta Roshi says:

    Phatttttttest nauti yae! Glad to see you're doing well again mate

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