Haze Cannabis Strain Review

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Haze Cannabis Strain Review
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I am a WA State resident with a legal medical authorization to use and grow cannabis for my Crohn’s Disease.

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15 thoughts on “Haze Cannabis Strain Review”

  1. nitpoon says:

    whats the CBN percentage

  2. DANK HOUSE says:

    Cheers homie jj

  3. Jakob Folmar says:

    I miss the real haze. That Harlem world, Dominican sourced, frankincense, piff!

  4. Real-Batman says:

    I was in Dominican Rep a few months ago. Smoked that Sativa they grow. HIghly illegal there, It was not cured out. A good Buzz, half of the weed is seeds. Peace. Enjoyed the Show JJ, Stay enlightened.

  5. Wandering Tall Guy says:

    I miss the old intro. Thumbs up if you agree so that'll count as a petition.

  6. Model B says:

    If the effect is a 9 all else is irrelevant.

  7. kthekid says:

    I like this version of "Church Incense".

  8. Женя Курцер says:

    Fuckshit man, I would die smoking this amount of weed. I cold smoke this bud for like a month. Smoking daily.


  9. Sam Afgan says:

    The only real haze I ever had was in Spain. I’ve never had real haze in America. The closest thing I’ve had in America that actually had some haze in it was ghost train haze but that’s too watered down, not enough real haze in it to satisfy me. Verano in Maryland has a version of jack herer they sell as “jack herer #8 “ and out of all the jack herers I’ve tried from different cultivators that one is the most haze leaning phenol I’ve seen. Veranos jack #8 has an extremely similar just pure haze bud structure it’s crazy. So that’s actually the closest I’ve come to “haze” in America is Veranos jack herer but that’s it. And again like I said that’s still not as good as pure haze nowhere near. Super silver haze is the closest thing to real haze I can expect here yet I never see it. Ever!

  10. Dude Fest bug outs says:

    “A grand daddy purple” Lmfaoo

  11. Veortox says:

    Sativas are the best

  12. Ev3rsonix says:

    I personally dont really enjoy haze that much, i have super silver haze right now and its kinda underwhelming for someone like me, the high literally lasts like an hour max too which is not great for a sativa at all lmao, but weed is weed, im probably just gonna use it all for edibles and tea.

  13. Lewis says:

    Poor quality grown my haze blows that away

  14. drskinnyp says:

    yooooo grandpa why did u steal my weed

  15. Michael Robinson says:

    A good realistic viewed opinion. I absolutely went to town on weed when i was younger smoking anything and everything with no thought other than the more i smoked the higher id get. 1 day i abused a really strong indica and it knocked me for shit with the heart palputations ect.
    I went off weed for years after that experience, somthing i loved to do to instant cold turkey.
    Fast forward now though to present day and i have a much more structured responsible approach to weed and its so nice getting my level of high right with a weed that suits me. Although weed affects everyone different i felt this review shed a lot of light on this type of strain.
    a good review, UK

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