Hexo Corp. Cannabis Original Stash OS.220 1 Ounce review Indica Blend

Hexo Corp. Cannabis review, after hearing about this product through social media, I couldn’t help myself but to buy a bag and see what kind of product they’re selling for less than $150 an ounce? We weight it, smoke it, and talk about it!

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14 thoughts on “Hexo Corp. Cannabis Original Stash OS.220 1 Ounce review Indica Blend”

  1. Capt. Kush says:

    big buds lol is all popcorn jeez and apparently the quality is garbage so im gonna save my cash – cheers

  2. Jessie Mecas says:

    I'll try some lol

  3. Flat Roofer says:

    "The truth and nothing but the truth " great review Rick ✔ My take away…Grow Your Own !!

  4. SpaceJunkie says:

    Start “giving away”weed with bongs for “free”

  5. Warrior R6 says:

    No way! I just bought OS 210 today and it is absolutely gorgeous no popcorn or any of that deep bag powder

  6. Jordan L says:

    Was that Original Stash bought in Manitoba? I thought Hexo products were only in Ontario/Quebec/ BC

  7. Josh W says:

    I've bought from budexpressnow and other black market and the weed had NOWHERE near as much crystals on it! this looks like the best bang for the buck in canada!

  8. Peter Vigna says:

    Its was probably frozen and tumbled to make keif for edibles and then they sell the the bud with what's left on it.

  9. CarMa CarMa says:

    Absolutely terrible.. Bought a oz and let me tell you it’s not even comparable to strait up hemp. It’s as strong as busted bud robbed of all its goodness. Save your money or just go buy some catnip because this Legal garbage is grown to steal your hard earned cash. I say it all the time! It doesn’t cost anymore money or take any longer to grow killer strains! So why grow strains that you may only buy once. If it doesn’t make cents then it won’t make any profit. CarMa

  10. dwcfewcw ewcecfcec says:

    i dont know guys.. i picked up the .130 sativa blend for $116 off the alberta store. To be honest (for the price) i LOVE it!

  11. shlakser says:

    Snoop Dogg looks like you bro! 😉

  12. Ace Hood says:

    Update i bought this yesterday @ SQDC for 125.70$ it ain't that bad it has 21%thc in it supposedly (21% thats why i bought it)

  13. slothvenom says:

    Mr ‘I am a grower’ buying bunk legal weed lmfao yeah right buddy

  14. Olivier The MaD PaNdA says:

    The taste is bad… I agree!!

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