High CBD Cannabis Strain Review: Blue Dragon Desert Frost

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I am a Washington State resident with a legal medical authorization to use and grow cannabis for my chronic Crohns Disease.



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27 thoughts on “High CBD Cannabis Strain Review: Blue Dragon Desert Frost”

  1. Grow Tacoma says:

    "Blue Dragon Desert Frost" Now that's a name! Lol. Cheers hope you're having a good weekend

  2. BackpackDirty says:

    Actually smoking on this strain from Serra also.. I very much getting another 1/8th

  3. Mike Lewis says:

    We need this in our Connecticut MMP!!

  4. Dr Lee says:

    Did Matt just do a puff puff puff puff puff pass at 14:05 haha

  5. Mike Miller says:

    Good looking buds

  6. Buddy Love says:

    Congrats on ur 30k subs!

  7. Nick Bloom says:

    I have recently tried this strain, it is really good as far as a CBD strain goes. I was also surprised to see how "chronic-y" it looks, at first I thought they gave me the wrong bud!

  8. Jackson Carl says:

    I need seeds

  9. Grow Tacoma says:

    WA producers have a stick up their ass when it comes to anything that takes over 8 weeks to flower. They only do early finishers or even chop too early

  10. Codi Griffith says:

    Love the honey idea!

  11. Dr Gonzo says:

    I picked the best name in my CBD collection to smoke along with, "Cavendish Dunes Shark Shock CBD" Grown in Prince Edward Island. I have been really enjoying this one. I have been lucky to get some good CBD medicine lately.

  12. nikonoga says:

    i have to go to serra for this strain , definitely want….

  13. Genghis Chuan says:

    I have a half gallon jar half full of vape weed and coconut oil myself. when I get it to the top Ill put some heat to it and then let it cook down some and make edibles with it. Ive done this before and they are very strong this way. I never thought I would say I was too fucking high before

  14. Giuseppe Palazzolo says:

    Awsome video jj ! Hello from babylon

  15. Hill Boston says:

    I really hope you're not smoking any of the plants that had the bugs on them brother

  16. JustinTime 420 says:

    Great review guys

  17. Bluegill Phil says:

    picked up some Red Dragon yesterday, .10%cbd, 24.60% tot thc, not bad for $35 an 1/8th

  18. Callie_Dan says:

    Best session ever !!!

  19. iblis khan says:

    Original blue dragon is a cross of dj shorts blueberry x sour deisel

  20. Lee Moore says:

    Sounds like a race horse, cheers!

  21. cigarsarge1 says:

    I like a bit more THC in my CBD flower. It seems to boost the CBD a bit.

  22. David N says:

    Blue Angels are Navy not Airforce JJ… Thunderbirds are Airforce.

  23. blunts in real shyt one on one says:

    DAT Buddha's purple sister I Want to tri that

  24. timi Moore says:

    Honey infusion…I do 1.5 oz per 1 per big bottle of honey.Heat oven to 240 degrees after its preheated decarb your weed for 1.5 hrs then let it cool so the vapor settles. Poor bottle of honey in crock pot on low. Honey burns very easy. Add 2 table spoons of sunflower lecithin. Place weed in muslin bag and put in the honey. Let it seem for 6 hrs, turning pushing in down every half hour. Let it cool in the crock pot with bag still in it. Warm it back up and remove the muslin bag and squeeze the honey stuck in the bag into the crock pot. Poor into mason jar.
    Easy peasy. T

  25. Solomon Letts says:

    this might seem crazy but can somebody tell me why you cant just bring the outdoor plants into your indoor grow room. surely they would produce an amazing amount of bud ?

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