Hip Hop’s Best Weed Songs | 420 Smoker’s Mix 2019 | From 90s Rap Classics to 2010s Stoner Hits

Happy 4/20 to all the stoners around the world! DJ Noize get you high with Hip Hop’s Best Weed Songs. The ‘420 Smoker’s Mix’ includes 90s old school rap classics as well as some 2010s stoner hits. Get your smoke on!

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31 thoughts on “Hip Hop’s Best Weed Songs | 420 Smoker’s Mix 2019 | From 90s Rap Classics to 2010s Stoner Hits”

  1. Artistry by Janet says:

    I need this in an album downloaded onto my phone ASAP.

  2. Alpha Sandy says:

    Everyday is 420 if you are an advid smoker

  3. Lisa Greenwood says:

    Some "Dope," Beats! Love it!

  4. Chris Rocha says:

    Part 2 is a must!

  5. Glenn Moynihan says:

    New Zealand Legalise It 2020 woop woop..

  6. Marcos Lp says:

    Ando bien pedo pedote y te la rifaste con ese mix

  7. JLUKE says:

    if you smoke weed heres your anthem


    @iamjluke/ @smileyfacetrc / @thareallacyj

  8. Veronica Valdez says:


  9. PHISHIT says:

    hey lol these guys making fun of me

  10. PHISHIT says:

    really tho. not a good look

  11. PHISHIT says:

    well? bitch, plz

  12. BillyJack85 says:

    DJ Quick – bomb bud 2
    Mystikal – still smoking
    Mr Magic – puff puff pass

  13. Marios Stefanis says:

    It ain't 420 but are we still blazing it ?

  14. nystagmus says:

    Bone thugs n harmony

  15. Innergy says:

    Come over and relax to our new song Serene. Innergy Music

  16. MC says:

    I can smell the weed through the screen

  17. Skertist says:

    Luv da intro

  18. orin alaric says:

    How is wiz khalifa 90s did he stared rapping at 12 and record

  19. Alex Peters says:

    This is such an amazing mix. Well done man

  20. AMIIGAF says:

    dislike, after 6 minutes i get the first ad hammering in while i try to enjoy my jey? …….

  21. Visual Lena says:

    I remember the first time I smoked weed these songs were blasting and I was tripping bro and then this family of five walked in on us and bitch we had to ruunnn I hid in a bush bro fuckkkkk the nostalgia

  22. Verall 77 says:

    Y'all stoned motherfuckers, he missed track 6! 17:47

  23. S Wf23 says:

    Who here blazin in July?

  24. DJ Noize says:

    Happy 420! Get your smoke on to Snoop Dogg, Method Man & Redman, Wiz Khalifa, Cypress Hill, Outkast, Kid Cudi, Styles P, Ludacris, Devin The Dude, Scarface and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony.

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