How To Convert all Wet Weed to Dry Marijuana with no loss | Drug Dealer Simulator | Tips & Tricks

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13 thoughts on “How To Convert all Wet Weed to Dry Marijuana with no loss | Drug Dealer Simulator | Tips & Tricks”

  1. iUAE says:

    Yo, am having a problem with the gang rep, i did 2 drops then i never recieved any calls again i tried waiting for a couple of days but nothing

  2. SweetLou says:

    thats cool. wonder if that will stick around lol.

  3. Rocco says:

    Why i dont can Mix cocaine with weed, what's the problem:(?

  4. deehubb2332 says:

    So can we make PCP now

  5. Riku T says:

    How do you know the toxicity and addiction of products? Have you made video or something?

  6. ken masters says:

    Thank you, I will take advantage of this before it gets patched. Looking forward to your weed addiction video. Question for you, I had a premix using 70g Viagra and 30g weed. I want to try a premix of 70g weed and 30g fentanyl then use that for my products at 80/20 ratio. I figured the weed would balance out the fentanyl toxicity but I am afraid to try it cause I don't want to kill my customers. Also, do you prefer indoor or outdoor planting.

  7. Shoryuken89 says:

    nice video 🙂 umm could you recommend a good location to have ur "main " setup ? btw ive read that you can actually mix like "example" 50/50 viagra or ibuprofen with like sugar or baking powder and than use that for mixes can you confirm this ?

  8. Daniel Lindeque says:

    Do you know the levels of weed when you powder it? (Toxicity, strength…) im runnig out of sugar

  9. ken masters says:

    anyone know what the difficulty setting actually changes, do you have more cop patrols on higher difficulty, or gain less xp, etc?

  10. SkyLife Reik says:

    is it still recognized as marijuan when they wanna buy it ?

  11. Alex Butusina says:

    Wasted 300g and i cant even sell it fucking shit

  12. Xx23TURTLE23xX4 says:

    Im not sure what youre talking about with the patch but all of this still works and they fixed it so when you dry it and place it, its not powder its little nugs

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